Work Ethics and When not to do something  

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7/24/2005 11:05 am

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Work Ethics and When not to do something

I think we have all learned things that society in general does not look at with a kind eye.

Sometimes we have a purpose in learning taboo thing, but I think mostly it's just curiosity. What does this do, how does this work, what affect will it have? Some of us experiment with drugs, I know I have. I've given up that part of my life, maybe I've gotten a bit older, or maybe it just didn't hold the pleasure it once did.

Some of us experiment with sex. I still do that, as I think most of the people on this site still do. How could this site exist without that curiosity? I love sex myself, I can never get enough, and that has sometimes lead to embarrassing situations. Being walked in on at a public bathroom can be a little uncomfortable, especially when it's someone you know.

Some of us have learned things that well, most people would never think about learning. I was a very curious person when I was younger, I wanted to learn about everything and anything. I didn't care if the general public turned it's nose up about it, I wanted to learn dammit. Sometimes what I learned has been useful, sometimes not, but there are times when I think I should keep what I know to myself.

I am a very helpful person, I like helping people. I enjoy seeing their eyes light up when you do something for them that nobody else could do. This was not to be the case this time.

I was at work the other day, when our Admin. Asst. lost the keys to a filing cabinet. We actually don't think she lost the keys, people grab em all the time and never put them back. In any case, there were files that needed to be gotten to, and without keys, there was no access. So, I do what I normally do, and helped her out.

One of the things I picked up years ago was how to pick locks, it was a case of "how the hell do they do that"? I was a big fan of crime dramas and you always saw someone picking a lock, so I set out to learn how to. I wasn't planning on turning to a life of crime, and never have. I just wanted to know. I've never used that knowledge in a "wrong" way, and never will. It's just one of the many things I thought was interesting when I was 15.

Needless to say, I grabbed a couple paperclips, and with a little fooling around and a just few moments, I had the lock open.

I then turned around and saw how some of my co-workers where looking at me. Nobody really said anything, but I know what was in the back of their minds, you could read it in their eyes. Not everyone was like that, the Admin. Asst, was not, nor where the people I really talk to at work. Some of the other people however, I could see my reputation score dwindling in their eyes as I looked at them.

Looking at my pic, most people would believe I drive a Harely, wear leather, and kick the shit out of people in back alleys. I am actually a computer geek, usually wear a shit and tie to work, and am probably the most romantic person I know. People don't always see that side to you, especially co-workers.

I just find it sad that people will still tend to judge people on the way they look, and what they know, rather than who they are. Those people that looked down on me at work have asked me multiple times to help them out, and I have, without a word of complaint. I don't usually care what other people think about me, but there are times, as we all have to admit, that it hurts a little when people act certain ways towards you. This was one of those times.

Di47Him51 64M/60F
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7/29/2005 5:43 pm

People do make snap judgements on first impressions. A very important influence in my younger life told me that the most important impression is NOT the first impression, but the last, as that is what you leave them with. Think about it. Think about the people you know and care for, what you remember most is how you saw them recently, not necessarily how the first impression was.
Keep your head up. Throw your shoulders back. We are all made up of many many components. Let your experience with those aquaintences at work be a lesson to you - people are not always as they seem. That hard exterior probably houses a marshmallow. Be kind.

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