How to spot child abuse  

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How to spot child abuse

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How to spot child abuse in your childrens friends Aug 23, 2006 8:44 am
Please take time to read this. By doing so you could stop a child from being sexually, emotionally or physically abused.

We all talk on this site about how we have been abused or the effects it has on us as adults, etc, etc, etc. t is too late for us, we have all been there, done that and came out the other side. The mere fact that we are able to write about these things in such a public forum is a testimony as to how well we have came through.

This site is an adult site. We are all able to stop this from happening to other children. There are so many times that the sigs were there for all of us but adults didn't notice. Please excuse me standing on my soapbox for this one. It is important to me. All of us have children somewhere in our lives, our own children, our friends children, they are everywhere. A little attention to detail without becoming paranoid could save one of these children from abuse. Please don't think that because you know the parents and they are nice that it won't be happening. My father was one of the nicest funniest men I ever knew. Everyone loved him.

I am going to cut and paste some guidelines here that can help you to spot if a child of your is being abused in any way. I got these details from the inernet as I don't want to add my own opinions to them.

These are from a UK website called kidscape.

Sexual Abuse

* Being overly affectionate or knowledgeable in a sexual way inappropriate to the child's age
* Medical problems such as chronic itching, pain in the genitals, venereal diseases
* Other extreme reactions, such as depression, self-mutilation, suicide attempts, running away, overdoses, anorexia
* Personality changes such as becoming insecure or clinging
* Regressing to younger behaviour patterns such as thumb sucking or bringing out discarded cuddly toys
* Sudden loss of appetite or compulsive eating
* Being isolated or withdrawn
* Inability to concentrate
* Lack of trust or fear of someone they know well, such as not wanting to be alone with a babysitter or child minder
* Starting to wet again, day or night/nightmares
* Become worried about clothing being removed
* Suddenly drawing sexually explicit pictures
* Trying to be 'ultra-good' or perfect; overreacting to criticism

Physical Abuse

* Unexplained recurrent injuries or burns
* Improbable excuses or refusal to explain injuries
* Wearing clothes to cover injuries, even in hot weather
* Refusal to undress for gym
* Bald patches
* Chronic running away
* Fear of medical help or examination
* Self-destructive tendencies
* Aggression towards others
* Fear of physical contact - shrinking back if touched
* Admitting that they are punished, but the punishment is excessive (such as a child being beaten every night to 'make him study'
* Fear of suspected abuser being contacted

Emotional Abuse

* Physical, mental and emotional development lags
* Sudden speech disorders
* Continual self-depreciation ('I'm stupid, ugly, worthless, etc'
* Overreaction to mistakes
* Extreme fear of any new situation
* Inappropriate response to pain ('I deserve this'
* Neurotic behaviour (rocking, hair twisting, self-mutilation)
* Extremes of passivity or aggression


* Constant hunger
* Poor personal hygiene
* Constant tiredness
* Poor state of clothing
* Emaciation
* Untreated medical problems
* No social relationships
* Compulsive scavenging
* Destructive tendencies

I hope you can make sense of this.

It is never wise to confront the parents of someone you suspect of abusing children yourself. This can have major repercussions on the child. The wisest course to take if you suspect child abuse of any kind is to contact your local social services department or the police.

It is never too late. Don't think that because it has already happened it doesn't matter. Stopping abuse at any stage is in the best interests of the child. We all have a responsibility to all chilren to keep the safe.

There is an old african saying that says

"It takes a whole village to raise a child"

The world is our village and all children are your responsibility.

Thank you if you read this to the end. If you want to help please post a link on your blog to this one, someone who reads it might have their mind jolted. If only a handful of kids are helped through this, it will have been worth it.

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8/26/2006 4:03 am

Thanks hun, I don't need any comments, just awareness.

Bye everyone, it was a blast

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8/27/2006 7:58 pm

What a wonderfully informative post! The children of the world thank you!

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