Best Vacation Ever  

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5/2/2006 9:08 am
Best Vacation Ever

Yeah, he's back !!!! Had a wonderful couple of weeks, did sooo much. Feels great to be back though. Rested refreshed and ready to party!! Really didn't know how much stress I was under planning my trip and then moving after I got back but it feels great to have that pressure off of me course it's just a matter of time before something else comes up to keep me diverted.
Regarding a recent post about posers and fakers. We all know by now that a lot of the guys here will talk a good game but when then time comes they chicken out. It's all a matter of confidence and honesty. If you read my blogs you can probably figure out that I'm for real.
3somes are a favorite subject of mine. It is sooo hot to see a woman with 2 men. Double her pleasure but it seems that most women here only want another woman, well that's hot too. I've had two women but sadly it never got to the point where the two women would actually get it on. If that ever happened I would probably change my mind but for now I have to say that the two guys on a woman is the best. Maybe some couple will read this and see what it is all about.
So much to blog I can't organize my ramblings so I guess I'll just write as the mood hits me.

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