hotyoungboss69 37M
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9/6/2006 10:25 pm

Mandatory Cock Worship?
Now maybe I'm wrong... I've been known to be wrong once or twice before. But shouldn't the foreplay action of having your cock sucked until it reaches rock hard status be mandatory during every sexual encounter? I mean, what good is the cock when its not hard as penitentary steel? Its like trying to screw a water hose on with the water running, feel me? If its not known among the female species than let me clear it up for them right now, once and for all: YOU WONT GET FAR WITH A COCK NOT ROCK HARD!! Do you cut turkey at thanksgiving with a butter knife?! No, you use a sharpened knife. The penis is a fundamental part of sexual pleasure, for men AND women. I'd wager my own fleshy muscle that if every woman practiced healthy cock-worship before each and every sexual activity involving penetration, THERE WOULD BE NO ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION!! WOMEN WOULD HAVE MORE ORGASMS!! SEX WORLD-WIDE WOULD BE ETERNALLY CLIMATIC! So lets eradicate the sexual frustrations plague-ing the human race and give the cock the attention it needs to stand proudly at attention! hotyoungboss69

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