past pleasures  

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6/8/2006 8:35 pm
past pleasures

about 5 years ago i met Tana and Frank. they looked like ordinary people. i met Tana first. we sat next to each other on the bus one day. we found out we had a lot in common. she liked kinky sex and so did Frank. we called one another for a few weeks, getting to know one another. she invited me over to a cook-out where she said a group of her friends were coming to. she wanted me to meet them. as it turned out i was the only guest. we had the cook-out. it was great food. then we settled down to watch a movie on TV. one thing led to another. ssoon Tana started rubbing my thigh. then said,"it's hot in here, let's take off our cloths. soon we were naked. "would you like a full body masagge. of course i said yes. soon they were all over me. tounges licking and hands touching. then Frank asked me,"have you ever been fucked while eating pussy before?" i had, but i said "NO". soon i got the fucking of a lifetime.. he ws so big. about 9" and Tana's pussy was so sweet. i was in heaven. we all had a great time. we got together for about a dozen times after that and then they moved away. oh well. it was great.

good sex is good sex. it doesn't matter where it comes from.[/COLOR

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