Hot Talladega Night  

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5/3/2006 10:41 pm

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Hot Talladega Night

(PART 1)-We went to Talladega with a couple that we had met when we first moved to Florida.We all go back some years and we party an play together also.Anyway,we hit the Racetrack Saturday around 11:00am,just in time to watch the Big Boys qualify for Sundays race.After they qualified the Bush cars started there race.Just the sound of the cars were gettin me wet,love the feel of Power.So we all watched the race and flirted with one another.The men called the race right from the begining Martin Jr.s driver.Plus got to watch Tony Stewart side 900 feet on his roof and come to a stop right in front of us.Wayne got pics of the whole thing from begining to end.After the race we headed for Atlanta for Dinner.We found a nice quit place that served Steak an Sea Food.We all sat there flirting an making out,Wayne an I and Eddie an Susan.The men were all Horny and couldn't keep there hands off us.I bet the people there were sayin,take it to the Hotel.Susan and I noticed 2 young women at the bar.They kept looking back at us.We told the men there were 2 young ladies at the bar scopein them out.The men laughed an said,there scopein you 2 ladies out.Wayne gets up an says be right back,goin to hit the mens room.Eddie says good idea.I said to Susan,maybe the men are right because they still are looking.We both just laughed.I could see the men comming back from the mensroom.Susan says yep I knew Eddie would scope out that blond.The couple 2 tables across from us would glance at us now an then.I'd say they were in there early 50's.Now it was man game time.When the men got back to the table,Eddie sat next to me and Wayne sat next to Susan.Eddie leans over and plants a big wet,full tongue,down the throat kiss on me.Wayne does the same to Susan.After the kiss and a little fondling I look up at the bar and the 2 young women had moved to a table.Not to much closer,but now there facing us.Eddie leans over the table and before he could say anything Wayne says,I see it Eddie.I told you they were lookin at the women.Then I seen what they were talking about.You could see under the table,the blond had her hands all over the other woman.I guess Susan an I got them heated up a little.I took a glance over at the older couple,he looked straight at and give one hell of a smile.I hope our little bet of fun sparked something up in him.Takes Mommy home and give her a good hard one Susan says.All I know is I was getting 2 hard ones tonight.We ate dinner,it was great.Everyone orderd something different.So we kinda mixed it up.We were feeding each other and had a little bet of it all.Wayne says,Time to hit the Hotel for some fun,bends over and kisses Susan.So off to the Hotel we go.Eddie was driving Wayne and Susan were in the back.I don't think we even got out of the parking lot before she had Wayne's cock in hand and sucking him like he was the last cock on earth.Damn does she look hot sucking cock Eddie.I reach over and start to rub Eddie's cock through his pants,damn did he have a ragging hard on.I asked if he could help me get him out.He was driving the car after all.I leand over and started sucking on his cock as he drove to the Hotel.Susan was still going at Wayne.You could tell from the slurping and sucking sounds comming from the back seat.I could feel Eddie get ready to cum,but he would stop me.Then he would push my head back to his cock.He didn't want to cum yet we had the whole night ahead.We get to the Hotel and parked.We had to seat there a few minutes to let the mens cock go down.Wayne says fuck it.Gets out of the car,pushes his cock down his pants leg an says,I'm ready lets go.Susan and I stared laughing,you could see his hard on through his pants.Eddie gets out and does the same thing.Come to find out the men took some Viagra and there cocks wouldn't go down.It was funny to watch them checkin and get to the elevator.I think they just didn't care no more,they just wanted to get to the room.We get inside the room and Wayne and Eddie wasted no time in gettin there pants off.No lie those men were still throbbing,rock hard.

AmourSpeckFully 51M

5/4/2006 6:56 am

Damn baby ........... Got me sooo hard I could drive nails with my dick Whewww !! Keep on writing . LUV to be suckin on ya clit while ya write it Mmmmmmm yummy .

hotstuff2x4u2cum 56M/58F

5/4/2006 7:38 am

Rather you lick it while I have a nice hard,throbbing cock in my mouth.Doesn't that sound better?Emmmm sure does to me. Part 2 well be tonight when I'm home from work.

rm_ranger77444 67M
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7/28/2006 2:00 pm

next time you're in Talladega, look me up. I'm so close I can hear the cars running from my back yard. I'd like a shot at getting a tongue in that sweet pussy of yours.

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