Fun On a Tuesday Night !!  

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3/8/2006 5:58 pm

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Fun On a Tuesday Night !!

I was trying on outfits for the night.I'm sure glad I picked the Maids outfit,it did go perfect with the evening.My man got some shots of me trying it on,Thank God he did.He didn't bring the camera,he thought we would end up back here.I always make up a carry bag and take it where ever I go,you never know where you'll end up with these two.He was clickin away on the camera as I was gettin ready,stopping every now and then to pose for him.Well it was 5:00 when 41and showed up at the door.He said we would go out to dinner,his treat.Dinner was good and we had fun foolin around under the table.I had 41and hard as a rock with a little foot play and had my man hard with my hand.My man had me soaked as he rubbed my clitty through my undies.I think the waiter knew what was up.Everytime he came back to see if everything was alright he would smile and give me a wink.He almost had me ready to ask what time his shift was over.He was a Hottie forsure.We finished dinner,as we were leaving I motioned the waiter over and handed him a tip and a peice of paper with our number on it.I added if he was into 3-somes give us a call.As I walk out the door I looked over my shoulder at him and he blew me a kiss and I blew one back.Yes,he called me the next day or I should say today.Were to meet soon,it will be his first 3-some.Well anyway we got in the car and headed out.My man said to 41and,were headin the wrong way.Thats when 41and said,he had rented a room on the beach,he thought it would be fun to walk the beach at night and then have some fun later,something to break up the usual routine.It was fun to walk the beach and horse play around.When we got back to the room we took turns showering.I let the men shower first so I could get my outfit out.I took my shower and got ready.When I was all done I walked out in my maids outfit and asked if anyone would like Maid Service.They said fuck yeah,they were like a pair of vultures homing in on there pray.Damn it felt good to be mauled.I could feel my juices start to flow as soon as they started touching me.I fell to my knees and pulled there cocks out and started kissing and licking them.Then I would suck on one and then the other.Back and forth I went at them.I had them hard as hard could get.I love the feel of a throbbing cock in my mouth and the taste of pre-cum.My man stopped me from suckin and told 41and to grab my legs.They carried me to the bed where my man took off my thongs and start lickin and suckin my pussy.It didn't take long to orgasm once 41and started suckin my nipples.I could here my man slurping up my juices as it flowed out of me with a hell of an orgasm I was having.Damn it felt like it lasted 5 minutes.Then they switched places,41and's turn to taste some pussy.About 3 or 4 minutes later I was filling his mouth with my juices as my man sucked my titties.Fuck was I horny,41and pulled me to the corner of the bed and slowly started sticking his cock into me.At last my pussy was getting what it longed for,a good stiff,throbbing cock.My man still focused on my titties,reached down and rubbed my clit while 41and picked up the pace and really started to pound my pussy.The sensation of my pussy being pounded,clit being rubbed and my titties sucked on had me orgasming like a wild woman.WOW! was my pussy makin some noises from my wetness.The room smelt of our sex and what a heavenly smell it is.I orgasmed 5 time just in that short time.They switched places and my man started to eat me again.He just loves to eat me,he always says I have the best tasting pussy he's ever had.After I came again he stands me up.He lays on the corner of the bed,I know what was on his mind.He had me sit on his cock with me facing his feet.He told 41and to stick his cock into me.Thats my fave,boy do I orgasm big time having two cocks in my pussy.So there I am lying there with two cocks working my sopping wet pussy.I felt like I was having one constant orgasm.I could tell 41and was gettin close so I told him to fill my pussy with cum.Thats all it took and he was shootin hot jets of cum into me.I hear my man whisper in my ear,you want some more cum.I told him to give it to me.I felt his hot load start to shoot as 41and still pumped on my pussy.With the both of them filling my pussy up with hot cum and still pumpin on me had me in the most intense orgasm,in fact that was the first time I actually squirted from cock.I drenched them both.We all collasped on the bed.We talked about how good it was to be in a different place and how intense the suckin and fuckin was.We rested a little and went back at it again.The whole night was suckin and fuckin.It is a time and a 3-some I'll never forget.Now I have to call the waiter and see if he's serious about a 3-some or not,he was young,but a hottie.Peace,Love n Sex............. Hotstuff

voyeurs69in2003 69M/55F
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3/12/2006 9:06 pm

Hot story. Share the next part with us. We all want to re-live your story and get horny reading it.

hotstuff2x4u2cum 56M/58F

3/13/2006 8:35 am

No problem there Voyeur,tonights the night.I have off from work today.So I'm relaxing and gettin primed for the night.He'll be here around 10:00pm,can't wait should be alot of fun.He's new and its his first 3-some.But if I now my man he'll coach him the right way forsure.He's spending the whole night so there will be plenty of time to have alot of fun. Hotstuff

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