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3/27/2006 4:06 pm

Well it looks like my MSN Group will be switched to World Groups after the 31st.MSN is taking all the Adult Groups and switching them to World Groups.To all that are in my MSN Group keep an eye out for an E-Mail from World Groups with the link to go to my MSN Group,through them.I hope its as good as they say it is.One thing I do like is there is unlimited storage space.More space means more pics.Plus you can add Video's and Cam for the whole Group.I'm sure being new there will be some bugs but in time they will work them out.So bare with it and stick with me.If thing go like they say they will I'm sure it will be pretty cool.I do like the idea of being able to cam for the whole group and chat.So on,or after the 31st look for the E-Mail.Plus I think if you do go to the MSN Group,it will have a link in there to go to World Groups also.Hope to see you all still in the Group.Peace,Love n Sex Hotstuff

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