hotsexydaddy6 31M
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8/1/2006 3:58 pm

We go through each day in a whirlwind of motion, never finding time to do all the things we want because, for some reason, we always think "there's always tomorrow." In actuality though, the cold truth is that there isn't always tomorrow. Death is an archer standing at one end of a long bridge; when people are born, they start crossing the bridge and grow older with every step they take. Death is always firing arrows off to kill those who seek to cross the bridge; and as we start from the long distance, Death's aim suffers. However, with every step we take across the bridge, we move closer to Death, and his aim improves as we age and grow decrepit. In the end, Death's accuracy is utterly flawless, and none escape its black arrow. We will all die -- The inevitable fact of life is that it always has a beginning and an end, there is nothing that can be done to prevent that. So we may think that there's always tomorrow to finish that conversation, or be there for that friend who's having a rough time; but what if one of the black arrows found that friend tonight? Carpe diem -- Sieze the day, because thinking "there's always tomorrow" is arrogance. The fact is humans die, and the fact is there may not always be a tomorrow. If you live everyday as though tomorrow may never come, then when the time comes that you have no tomorrow left, you can rest happily knowing you lived your life to it's fullest.

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