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2/11/2006 5:01 am

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hotlovers 1972

Today i sat thinking of the first night i met the love of my brought the biggest smile 2 my face...a memory implanted there that will never leave...i had just ended my 17yr marriage to a man i had thought i was in love with n had 3 children too...the internet was a new thing 2 me...i joined AdultFriendFinder 4 a bit of fun like most of u...i had met a few men on the site in such a short space of time...i was just enjoying my life again & had no intentions of getting in2 a serious relationship...i was asked 2 meet j under strange circumstances...i had hesitated a few times but something kept drawing me back 2 him...when he first came online he had just finished was l8 but as soon as i saw him i knew we connected...he made me laugh...a few days l8er was the sat ...we had chatted online n saw each other on cam but 2day we were meeting in i drove closer 2 him i couldn't stop smiling...he was so gorgeous...n that smile...just melted my heart...he got in2 the car n we went back 2 his place...i wasn't nervous n neither was he...we sat relaxed on the sofa n chatted about everything...there was no awkwardness...we had a few drinks...listened 2 some music...n cuddled up felt like we'd none each other all our lives...we spent a number of hrs 2gether b4 we actually went 2 bed 2gether...he took me by the hand n led me upstairs 2 the bedroom...he had lit the candles put the cd in the stereo n we began 2 undress each was the first time i had felt comfortable n my whole life taking my clothes of in front of another man...everything felt so rite...when we kissed it was amazing...all the chemistry n fireworks that i'd been looking 4 all my life came from that first kiss...his lips were full n soft...he held me like he wanted me so much n we caressed each others bodies b4 making love over n over again...without giving u all our secrets i just want 2 say it was the best nite of my life...i tried leaving j that nite as he was married n we didn't want 2 hurt any1 but i couldn't...from that nite on i knew i had met THE LOVE OF MY LIFE...n we both knew we could never b 2 all u lonely ppl out there love can find u when ur least expecting it...we weren't looking but found each other...every1 has a special some1 in there lives they all just haven't foud them yet...n as valentines day approaches i would like 2 wish u all a happy lovers day...n say a BIG TY 2 johnny...thanx huni 4 all the sacrifices u have made 4 me...I LOVE U xoxo

rm_deebojune 43M/F

4/12/2006 1:07 pm

hot i was just checkin my blog and seen u put on a comment well most off the time am up when no one else is so i av 2 make do with wot ive got and thats normally a cuppa t and a smoke lol

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