Unbelieveable Insurance CRAP  

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9/28/2005 1:54 pm

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Unbelieveable Insurance CRAP

You know they say everything happens for a reason and I firmly believe that but sometimes I have to wonder why. Why do things happen in life, the decision you make, whether they are right or wrong. I have tried to be upbeat and always remain optimistic. But they are times like today i wonder. Just doesn't seem right. I was a restaurant manager up until April 3 of this year and had to take a medical leave for surgery. I only planned on being off 2 months at the very most. With the job I had insurance, which was great, medical bills these days are awful. I can see who is making the money, sure isn't me. Anyway, had major surgery on my back and had hardware put in back to help stabilize it. Well after surgery, 3 weeks that is the surgeon leaves the state and leaves me hanging dry with no dr. So three months later I find someone finnally but only in Cleveland and I am here in Toledo. No one here would see me. Which is fine I will drive there. Because I am having problems with my leg being numb and nerve damage, now its possible they want to take all the hardware back out. If that isn't bad enough, being off work they won't take me back because of my leg so I lose my insurance and on the same day told I have no job there anymore. Why because I didn't keep them informed. BULL SH__!! I did but thats ok, they needed a reason and using my medical problem to get rid of me. I can still get around do a lot of things just can't trust my right leg because of the nerve damage. Now the insurance company thank you very much is trying not to pay the bills. Saying I might of had a pre-exsisting condition. These medical bills are enormous, 28 thousand alone to the surgeon and because insurance won't pay he's coming after me. Hell, the hospital bill, you'd never believe what that was. These bills total mega bucks and I am the little guy. I trusted the insurance would cover it and today I find out different. Why it just doesn't seem right. Thats why people have insurance they trust them to pay and now here I am. Angry, frustrated, so many emotions but I am still trying my best to stay positive amongest all the crap. I do hope to win this fight but I am the little fry. Just not right.

maybebaby33 47M/46F

9/28/2005 2:53 pm

As much as I despise lawyers, I think you need to get one. Plenty out there will take your case(s) on contingency.


10/2/2005 8:40 pm

Agree with all the above statements! call a liar, er... i mean lawyer! lol

rm_WideAwake315 55M

10/11/2005 2:54 am

Just out of curiosity... Was your surgeon Thomas Merritt?

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