Trying to understand...............?  

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9/11/2005 7:40 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Trying to understand...............?

Good Morning, everyone. I am trying to understand a family situation with so many mixed feeling its unreal. I can't help but feel love, anger, helplessness, confused, so many emotions wrapped up into one. For starters I have a sister 4 yrs younger than I that is extremely smart, petite, terrific personality and for the life of me I just can't understand why she puts up with her situation. I find writing helps sorts thing out so here I am. My family is extremely important to me but you come to a time when you wonder what the hell is wrong with her. You can't live your families lives this I know but my heart goes out to her. She got courage and guts for 10 people. Her she is married has a husband and 3 children, and now raising 2 grandkids she is going to court to take away from her daughter. Two of her kids are by polar which in itself is a handful. In and out of court with them. She hasn't had an easy life with her husband to which they've been married now for 28 yrs. She has worked all her life and take her husband, god all mighty that hasn't worked say 24 of those years. He sits around and is demanding and tells her what to do. Her children have sit back and I feel are scared because of seeing the situation for what it is. A father that hasn't been there at all for them. Last year he takes off to texas says for a job but in reality hooked up with a woman just to turn around 2 weeks later and come back home with my sister knowledge of knowing what he did. Found out after he left. He sure isn't attractive, never shaves, long hippy type of guy. Thought that time she'd wake up and leave said she would but never did. Now she has a heart problem and she is constantly working with no help from him whatsoever. Now I find out that they want to buy a house and the bank turned them down said they needed a co-signer so her husband made a special trip to the bank and said oh her parents can co-sign. Bank said they sure could, but it seems to me they ran a credit check without my parents knowledge to say that. My parents are financially secure house paid off long ago and why should my sister be upset because my parents said no. They've been there all the way through for her but this time they can't. Now my parents are anger for her asking but also guilty because they said no. I can't blame them one bit. I love my family dearly and my heart goes out to my sister but think enough is enough. I feel she needs to wake up and start thinking of herself instead of him. Just wish I knew how to reach out to her. Dam it all.

happycouple554 68M/67F

9/12/2005 8:15 am

Hi-I've just discovered your blogs and find them very thoughtful and hope we can discuss some of these things in person some time. I'm also been going through a difficult situation with my brother. I think your parents are very wise to protect their finances and credit in this time of their life, although I know as a parent myself how hard it is to say no. Thanks for sharing.

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