Most Embarrassing Moments  

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1/8/2006 7:02 am

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Most Embarrassing Moments

Good Morning! Last night my husband and I were talking and I don't know why but I asked him what was his most embarrassing moments. It gave us a couple of laughs so I decided to share. Some of them are cute. So lets share.......
1. Husband slams finger in door of car talking to a girl......
2. Husband again when he was younger changes batteries in a car and somehow gets battery acid on his pants. Of course mind you he is working on a house with 7 girls running around. Later in the day he finds out it ate through his jeans.
3. My son and I go to the store one morning and walking up to the door there is a guy behind us and of course I look. I just happen to look down and trailing out the side of my jeans are a pair of panty hose. All I could do is stop and pull them out and know the guy was laughing.
4. Go to applebee's with my son and friend from out of town and my son goes to restroom. When he comes out he sticks toilet paper in my pants.
5. Same friend and I go to the grocery store and going down the cereal isle he is trailing behind me and all of a sudden he is running down the isle and yelling mommy, mommy can I have a toy. He does this throughout the store, checkout girl laughed so hard.
6.I leave a note for husband one day telling him I 'm at the store. I'm in the frozen dept. when Bill comes up behind me and smacks me in the ass. I must of jumped 3 feet off the floor, when another guy comes up and ask if he can join in.
7.My husband and son one summer are redoing apartment roofs and our sons foot goes through the roof and ceiling of an apartment. Of course our son is a big guy, long legs. Non the less his foot went through into an bedroom while a couple was no less in bed. They of course jump out of bed running. HMMMMM, wonder what they were doing?
8.Oh I can't forget about the time I stopped to put oil in the car on my way home. I was really excited because just came from a job interview, got the job. So I jump on the expressway to go home and forgot to put the oil cap back on. Of course all dressed up in a light blue skirt and vest oil all over me. A cop shows up and takes me to the auto store in his police car with me in back to get a cap for my car.
9. This is my favorite one. A couple of weeks ago I ask Bill to come out and mash the potatoes. In doing so he turns around when he is done and goes back in to watch tv. I go to get my plate and I look all over for them and can't find them at all. So I yell and ask Bill what he did with them. He said they are on the counter, oh no they aren't. So I open up the refrigerator and sure enough there they are.
Its funny we can laugh about them now but at the time they sure aren't. So does anyone want to share there most embarrassing moments.......chris

bigfunlover2 58M

1/8/2006 5:59 pm

I play in a band. One New Years Eve, many years ago (before cell phones), I went to dinner (20 miles) with my wife before my 10:00 gig. It was planned so that we could eat, drive to the gig (another 20 miles), set up, and be ready to go at 10:00. We ate, and when we came out of the restaurant, noticed it was freezing rain. Getting into the van, I completely ripped the seat out of my pants all the way around the crotch. What to do? Play the entire 4 hour gig with the seat of my pants completely ripped out? Drive home (20 miles) in the wrong direction, in the freezing rain to change clothes, then drive 40 miles to the gig? I choose the later. Got there at 10:15. The whole place, including the rest of the band was quiet as a church and watching me roll my equipment towards the stage. I was SO FRIGGIN EMBARASSED.

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1/9/2006 9:03 am

joining this site and actually thinking something would come of it! lol

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