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5/14/2006 9:15 am

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i would like to undress a male partner down to his underpants lick his nipples for a while moving down to his manhood while still in his underpants start lightly and playfully nibbling on his cock. then remove his underwear and start licking the head of his cock, then up and down his shaft while playing with his balls. i will not foget them they will get licked also. then turn him around and start licking his ass m,m,good. while i am doing this i will be wearing my thong or g-string i will be rock hard from all this goob action. then we will move to the bed where i will continue to lick and suck his throbbing cock and balls. until he explodes in my mouth. i will swallow every hot and juicy oz of his load. then i will keep sucking,licking,playing with his cock,nipples,balls,ass. until he is rock hard again. he will then enter my ass with his throbbing manhood and start thrusting it in and out of my ass. his balls smacking into my ass with every thrust. make me moan, my own cock throbbing and balls in pain needing to explode. from all that pleasure and they finally do thightening my ass around his cock making him explode a second time. this can be just me and him or there could be a women watching.

rm_Hardone1947 70M

7/13/2006 9:43 pm

That is a fantastic fantasy and I would love to help you live out this fantasy. I would love a good blowjob and would love to fuck your ass until I explode in it. This is a hot fantasy I hope I can help you with it soon.

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