my good friends in states....  

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my good friends in states....

Barb, Tammy and I had been friends for years, always hanging
around together. After school and on weekends we were more
often than not together. None of us came from very well to
do families, so there was never any money to do a lot of things
the richer kids did. It never botherd us though, we were
used to making our own fun and finding activities that didn't
cost anything.

On poor weather days we usually ended up in Tammy's
basement. They had a family room with a couple of couches
and a TV and wall-to-wall shag carpetting. Shag might not
be great in many people's opinion today, but back then
everyone had it ... and it certainly was nice and soft.

When there was nothing on TV we'd play games - twister,
or old-maid, or just horse around. Barb and Tammy were a
couple of skinny tom-boys, always trying to prove they
were as strong as any boy. We often wrestled to see who could
pin down the others, and those two were real tigers. I was
a pretty skinny kid myself, and not too strong. I'd
say overall the three of us were pretty evenly matched -
on any given day any one of us could come out the winner. Mostly
these wrestling matches were pretty friendly affairs
- nobody got too rough, and the girls never resorted to any
of the girly hair pulling or anything like that.

Looking back on those fun afternoons I realize what a lucky
guy I was. Although there was no sexual objective in mind,
during the course of these wretling matches I had managed
to get my hands on a lot of female body parts. Trying to pin
someone down often resulted in a hadndful of boob, or grabbing
a handful of ass ... and often there was bare skin to rub against.
It seems the girls were always wearing tight short-shorts
and loose tee-shirts, often with no bras. I usually wore
a tee-shirt and shorts. So you see, there was plenty of skin
to be seen and touched.

The big change in our relationship happened on one of those
wrestling afternoons. Barb had been wrestling with Tammy
and pinned her down a couple of times. Sexually I would say
they were in a sixty-nine. Barb had her legs pinning down
Tammy's arms with her ass hovering over Tammy's
face. As Tammy tried to get Barb off her, Barb leaned forward
to keep a low centre of gravity and her face was almost in
Tammy's crotch. I was sitting on the couch watching
them and suddenly realized how erotic it looked.

Tammy managed to bring her hands up and grab Barb around
the waist and tried to push her off to the side, but wasn't
having much success. As she struggled, her hands slid higher
up Barb's body and the tee shirt slid along with them.
Barb's tee-shirt moved higher and higher until it
was up under her arm pits, but she seemed oblivious to the
view I had of her breasts. Tammy's hands came under
Barb and grabbed the tiny tits to make Barb get off her. Barb
seemed more determined to remain in position and sat back
down on Tammy's face until she had to let go and use her
hands to move Barb's ass so she could breath. As they
rolled around on the carpet, Barb's tee shirt came
back down and the fight continued without any more displays
of tits.

It was actually an innocent enough exposure, but the sight
of tits for the first time, and the haunting memory of Tammy
actually grabbing them stayed with me long after that momentous

Barb won the fight, so I had to take her on next as Tammy watched.
At one point she had my head between her legs and I was struggling
to get free when I became very aware that my face was inches
from her pussy, separated only by those short-shorts -
I could smell her scent, and became aware for the first time
how nice it smelled. My face made contact with her crotch
as I swung her over and straddled her chest to free myself.
She fought back and ended up straddling my chest and holding
her hands up over her head in victory. I reached up and grabbed
right over her boobs and pushed her back and off me, then
we grabbed and tugged at each other for a few more minutes
until she won another match.

As the three of us sat on the couch relaxing after that, Tammy
made some comment about how I should watch where I'm
grabbing, beauce that was unfair. Barb and I both asked
her at the same time what she meant. She said "I saw
you grab Barb's tits to get her off you". Barb
laughed and said that it didn't matter, she figured
it wasn't unfair, besides, she said "Look who's
talking - you did the same thing". Tammy realized
that she had done it in the heat of battle, and therefore
she shouldn't make a big deal of it. I tried to be innocent
and reminded the girls that if they wanted to worry about
the odd touch, then wrestling probably wasn't something
we should do anymore. They both protested loudly at that
and double-teamed me into a three way match. This time I
think they were very deliberate in grabbing my ass and crotch,
straddling my face, and accidently showing off Barb's
tits again.

As we finished, Barb said "OK, I think we've got
that issue out of the way. We've all felt each other
up so many times while we're playing that it shouldn't
be a big deal. I don't know why you said anything today,
Tammy. What's the problem?".

Tammy blushed and said that there wasn't any problem,
she had just been thinking out loud. Sure we'd all copped
feels from each other, but today when she had grabbed Barb's
bare breasts she had felt something strange and felt ashamed
for doing it. She realized that it had something to do with
sex, and how it was wrong to sexually touch someone without
their consent. Barb made us all laugh when she replied "Look,
chickie, it didn't bother me so it shouldn't bother
you. You're both such good friends that I'd be
offended if you didn't clutch and grab when you have
a chance".

I reached over and put my hand over one of Barb's tits
and said "Like this?" before pulling my hand
away again. Barb looked serious for a moment and replied
"Kind of crude, but yeah - it's OK to touch me if
you want. I'm not offended", then she smiled.
I turned to Tammy and asked "What about you?".
She didn't answer right away and I was worried she was
going to get angry, but after an eternity of silence (three
seconds, tops), she replied by reaching over and putting
her hand on my crotch and saying "Sure, I guess it's
OK - we're all pretty good friends".

We had a group hug to show that we were all still good friends,
and exchanged brief kisses as the hug turned into a bit of
a grope - we each had a hand on each other's asses. It
would have made a good picture. Tammy went upstaris and
got us each a coke and we all sat quietly drinking them as
we looked at each other trying to figure out where our friendship
and newly verbalized approach was going to lead us.

Finally, Barb announced that the way she saw it, there was
really only one way to cut through the tension. We were going
to play a game of stip poker. Tammy and I weren't immediately
as positive about that idea as Barb seemed to be - she was
digging through the drawer trying to locate the cards.
I was for the idea, I thought, but wasn't really sure
about it. Tammy was her quiet self for the two minutes it
took Barb to find the cards and return. "OK - everyone
sit in a circle on the floor, I'll deal out five cards
to each person and the one with the best hand wins".

She was sitting on the floor and starting to deal when Tammy
asked "What do they win?". Barb though a moment
and said, "OK, I guess that's the wrong way around
isn't it? The person with the worst hand loses ... and
has to remove a piece of their clothing". "Oh"
Tammy mumbled - obviously unsure if she wanted to play this
game. "Come on, sissy, what's the matter? Afraid
we're going to see your titties?", Barb taunted.
"You've seen mine, why can't I see yours?"
Tammy meekly replied "I dunno" as she sheepishly
looked over at me and then back to Barb. "Aha, I get
it" Barb proclaimed "you don't know if
you want Barney to see your little titties - am I right?"
Tammy blushed in response. "Well, maybe he won't
get to see them. Maybe you'll be the winner. maybe we'll
get to see his little cock instead. How about that? Don't
tell me you haven't wondered what it would look like."
and as she looked at me she added "I know I've often
wondered". My turn to blush.

Needless to say, Barb can be very persuasive, and she eventually
talked us into it. She pointed out to Tammy that she had a
bit of an advantage over the rest of us - she was weraing a
bra so she had four pieces of clothing whereas Barb and I
only had three. As an added bonus she suggested that nobody
had to take off their clothes, the winner of the hand would
do it for them. I thought Tammy would back out at that suggestion,
but she didn't ... in fact I'm alomst positive
that it was one of the selling points that got her to agree.
Maybe she got a brief vision of removing my shorts for me
or something. Anyway, we finally got underway.

I hoped that Barb would lose the first hand -that way her
tits would be on display before Tammy's, and maybe
that would put Tammy more at ease. It didn't turn out
that way. I lost the first hand. Tammy won easily. Barb told
us both to stand up and proceed. Tammy shyly helped me out
of my tee-shirt and we both sat down again.

Barb lost the second hand, and it was Tammy who had the winnning
hand again. I think this may have put all doubts out of her
mind - sure she might end up exposing some of her body, but
at least it wasn't going to just be her on display. I
think that must have been what she had been worried about.
The girls both stood and as Tammy was going to remove Barb's
tee-shirt, Barb whispered something to her. Tammy looked
at me, then turned back to remove Barb's shorts. Barb
looked at me and teased "Thought you were going to
see my tits again, didn't you?", then both girls
sat down laughing.

I lost the third hand, with Barb winning. She seemed very
pleased as she slowly removed my shorts, leaving me with
just my bulging underwear to keep me in the game. I noticed
Tammy watching me as I retuned to my place - well, watching
my crotch is more accurate. It made my cock begin to swell
a little.

Finally, on the fourth hand Tammy lost. Barb was the winner
again. I was initially disappointed that I hadn't
been the winner so that I could help stip her, but I found
that I really enjoyed watching Barb help Tammy out of her
clothes - she removed Tammy's shorts.

On the fifth round, Tammy lost again, and this time I did
win. I was very tempted to remove her panties, but then chickened
out and removed her tee-shirt.

Barb lost the sixth round, and her tee shirt, to me. Tammy
lost the seventh round, and her bra, to Barb.

It couldn't have been planned any better - here we were
all down to our last piece of clothing, and all wondering
who was going to lose next. My cock was semi-erect - I just
couldn't help it - the tension and excitement of what
would happen next, and the sight of two topples cuties with
wet spots beginning to show on their panties, was getting
me horny.

Barb dealt the hands out very slowly, taking extra time
to announce who was winning so far .. it changed a couple
of times - Tammy's first two cards were both threes,
so she had an early lead. It didn't change until the
fourth card when I got a second six and took the lead - Barb
got a second nine and now also had a pair. So it stood with
each of us having a pair - Barb was winning, Tammy was losing
- all of us were hoping for the magic card that would either
give us three of a kind, or two pair. Tammy got nothing, so
she was the obvious loser, I got a seond four and now had two
pair, but my excitement was short lived as Barb aslo got
her second pair.

Barb jumped up, and Tammy very slowly got to her feet. Barb
put on quite a show of slowly removing Tammy's panties.
Tammy's back was to me, so the first part of the show
was Tammy's beautiful ass being uncovered. When she
was naked, Barb told her to "turn around slowly so
the other players could see that she was fully naked".

Tammy did. She was blushing, but she did let us both view
her whole body - there were no attmepts to cover herself
or turn too fast. "Well, I guess that's it then,
I lost - game over" Tammy lamented. Barb said "Oh,
I don't think so, I think we need to play until there
is a definite winner". "OK, " Tammy said
"but can I stay and watch to see who wins?". She
obviously was interested in seeing my cock as Barb had suggested
earlier. "Of course you can stay", explained
Barb "You still get to play - maybe you'll win
the hand and be the one to strip Barney". Tammy's
reply was enthusiastic as she said "Great - thanks
guys, I thought I'd be out once I didn't have anything
else to lose", and she smiled at both of us as she thought
about winning the next hand.

"I'm not sure that's fair" I mumbled,
and the girls looked at me as the smile faded from Tammy's
face. Barb recovered quickly and said "Barney's
right, it isn't really fair if you don't have anything
to lose". Tammy was really looking dejected until
Barb added "So what do you proposed to risk?".
It was quiet while Tammy thought this over. I had several
suggestions, but I kept them to myself. Tammy was quite
resourceful in her response. Rather than leaving herself
open to the unknown, she came up with something specifc.
"How about the winner gets to suck on one of my tits
for one minute?". There was a gleam in her eye as she
looked at me as she said this. I honestly don't know
if she had considered that maybe I wouldn't be the winner.

I think we were all on pins and needles as the cards were dealt.
My cock was getting harder and straining at the material,
Barb's crotch was absolutely soaked, and Tammy couldn't
seem to sit still. Well, Tammy continued her streak - she
lost again. The surprise is that Barb and I had virtually
identical hands. None of us was an experienced poker player,
so none of us knew how to break the tie when two hands had a
pair of the same card. I was going to suggest we just play
the hand again, but caught myself in time. "I guess
we both win - ladies first" I exclaimed.

Tammy didn't back down, she stood as Barb got up and
latched her mouth on Tammy's tit. After a few seconds
I reminded Barb that Tammy had specified that the winner
suck on her tit, not just hold their mouth over it. Barb began
to slowly suck - Tammy was being driven wild, she had never
experienced anyone sucking on her nipple before - her moans
were very loud as she put a hand on the back of Barb's
head and held her close. I didn't wait for Barb to finish,
I got so excited that I got up and started sucking on the other
tit, and Tammy moaned louder. I put my hand on Tammy's
ass to help her stay standing, and gently caressed the soft
flesh of that lovely bum.

It was supposed to be one minutes, but if Barb had tried to
pull away I'm sure she couldn't have because Tammy
was holding her tightly in place. I'm not even sure
if Barb did try to get away or not, she seemed to be sucking
harder at the tit and enjoying it. My other hand found Barb's
ass and explored it as we sucked those hard, hot tits.

When we finally broke away everyone just stood there looking
at each other for a few moments, then Tammy broke the silence
with "For the next round, the winner gets to lick my
pussy for a minute", then blushed slightly as she
sat down.

However, on the next hand I lost and Tammy won. Tammy was
very excited because she was going to get to strip me. She
would probably have been just as excited if she lost, but
there was no doubt that she has been very anxiously awaiting
the chance to see me naked. She made a real production out
of it too. She positioned me with my back to Barb and knelt
in front of me as she slowly peeled off my underwear. A few
moments went by and Barb said "Turn him around, turn
him around", but I didn't move. Barb said "What's
the matter?" as she came around to see me from the front,
and she gasped when she saw that Tammy had an inch of my cock
in her mouth and was gently sucking.

Barb knelt and demanded equal time as they took turns. Thoughts
of somehow continuing our game were abandoned as Barb removed
her panties and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing
together. We did a little bit of wrestling, but without
trying to actually win anything other than the opportunity
to lick, or suck, or caress, or stroke whatever we could
get at.

For three peole with no experience, we did very well that
afternoon and in the days that followed. That was the summer
I acquired my life-long love of tiny tits and watching girls
having sex with each other.

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