Guys can't wait to tell me... about, this??!  

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Guys can't wait to tell me... about, this??!

We met at a café in town and it was clear we were instantly
attracted to each other. We talked and chatted for an hour,
laughing and flirting. Michelle was must younger than
me at 22 (less than half my age!) but she had confided to me
during our online chats that she liked older guys and we
related really well. She had contacted me in AdultFriendFinder having
read my profile and sent me a wink and we had exchanged a few
photos. She was wearing a jean mini skirt that rode up her
brown thighs and a net top that showed off her ample bust.
She was slim, feminine and very sexy indeed! As soon as I
had seen her photos, I had wanted her. Now having met her,
I wanted her even more but I wasn't sure whether she
wanted me and I was almost too scared to find out. The next
thing I knew, we were sat talking side by side on the sofa
in her apartment.

As we talked over another coffee, she put her hand on my thigh
and kept it there. I first thought it mean’t nothing but
as we continued talking, the conversation quickly turned
to sex. We ended up talking about our favourite sexual positions
and what we liked and so on.

I started getting a hard on and I was afraid she'd notice
when all of a sudden, her hand started moving up my thigh.
I held my breath, too excited to do anything else. Slowly
she moved it up until she was rubbing my cock through my trousers
as we continued chatting. I could hardly believe it was
happening and I got the courage to put my arm around the back
of her shoulders, then gently pulled her towards me and
we kissed. I could feel her tongue move into my mouth and
I sucked on it. Just kissing her felt so good. I wanted to
devour her with my mouth. She was rubbing her hand up and
down the bulging shaft of my cock, then I felt her fingers
reach for my zip, pull it downward slowly and her hand entered
my trousers. She hooked her fingers over the elastic waistband
of my boxers and slid her hand downwards and started rubbing
my cock. I put one hand in between her thighs and moved it
upwards until my fingers pressed in the warm, soft mound
at the top of her thighs. Her panties were already wet from
her arousal and she opened her thighs wider as I pressed
my hand over her crotch and she moaned softly.

She had now unbuckled my trousers and taken my stiff penis
out of my boxers and was gently masturbating me as I massaged
her crotch, feeling her getting wetter, whilst our tongues
were intertwined as we hungrily sucked at each others’

I slid a finger under the elastic leg of her panties, pulling
the crotch aside and pushed a finger against her lips. I
could feel her wetness spreading and, slowly, I pushed
one finger inside her pussy and started to gently finger
fuck her while my fingers got wet with her pussy juice. She
then stopped kissing me and bent her head down and slowly
licked my penis. She kept running her tongue up and down
licking me until I was completely wet with her saliva then
she took it into her mouth and started sucking me. As she
half lay across my lap, I used my free hand to slide up under
her skirt and caress her soft buttocks as my other hand was
now stroking her face and hair.

As I was massaging her lovely ass and tickling my finger
along the tight skin between her pussy and her tight little
hole, she sucked me, clearly trying to make me cum in her
mouth. As I felt the tip of her tongue tickling underneath
the swollen head of my penis, she started bobbing her head
up and down on me, sucking gently and grasping my cock with
her pursed lips. I knew I couldn't hold off much longer
and I erupted into her mouth, my cock jerking and jolting
as I ejaculated for what seemed ages, filling her mouth
with my cum. She continued sucking me until my cock was almost
completely soft then she lifted up, still stroking me gently
with her hand and we kissed again.

I pushed her back onto the sofa until she was lying down then
I pushed her skirt up to her waist. She put one leg on the floor
and the other on the top of the back of the sofa so her vagina
was exposed to me. The sight of her lying there with her thighs
spread for me and a huge wet patch on the crotch of her panties
was heavenly. If I hadn't already come I probably would
have. She was gorgeous.

I bent my head and started kissing her thighs moving upwards.
When I reached her pussy, I pushed her blouse over her breasts
and kissed her stomach moving upwards until I was kissing
her breasts. I took her nipples into my mouth and licked
and sucked them one after the other until they were hard
and glistening. I could feel her rub her crotch into my chest
so I moved back down slowly and started kissing her thighs
again. This time I put my hands under her fleshy buttocks
and licked her pussy through her panties and she started
moaning loudly. I pulled her panties aside and licked and
sucked the lips of her vagina tasting her wonderful, sweet,
pussy juices. She was so wet and she tasted lovely. She put
her hands on the back of my head and she pushed my face deeper
in between her thighs so I pushed my tongue inside her pussy
and started to tongue fuck her. She was now whimpering and
I was sure her neighbours could hear us, but we didn't
care. I licked her vagina while I slowly pushed a finger
in between her buttocks and pressed it against her anus.
She was now using her thighs to squeeze my head as she thrust
her vagina into my face like she was fucking my face. I sucked
on her lips and then I suddenly thrust my tongue into her
at the same time I shoved a finger into her anus and she let
out a very loud moan of pleasure. With my head in between
her thighs and my tongue in her pussy, I was in heaven. I couldn't
ask for more.

I lapped up all of her pussy juices and continued licking
her as much as I could. She was moaning and it sounded so sexy
that my penis had swollen to its fullest again and I imagined
that I could come just by doing this. As I continued fucking
her with my tongue I moved upwards and lapped at her clit
and she immediately climaxed on my mouth. She pulled me
upwards and kissed me violently thrusting her tongue into
my mouth and sucking my tongue and trying to taste the remainder
of her juices in my mouth. At the same time she was pulling
her panties down and using her hands and feet to push my trousers
and boxers off of me. As soon as my cock sprung free she guided
it to her vagina and started rubbing it on her pussy lips
making it wet with her juices. I held it for her and pressed
it onto her lips rubbing her clitoris with my penis while
we made each other wet with my pre-cum and her lovely pussy
juices. When she started moaning loudly I gently eased
it in between her pussy lips and thrust into her body. She
was warm, tight and very wet so I entered her easily with
the full length of my penis with little resistance. As soon
as she felt me inside her body she lifted her hips and thrust
back up at my body. We started fucking each other hard and
she was moaning and whimpering as I drove her towards another
climax. I could feel her hands underneath my shirt scratching
at my back and then she moved them lower to my pumping buttocks
and pressed me harder into her vagina. At the same time she
was also using her feet to pull me deeper into her hungry
wet body. Our lips were pressed together and our tongues
were rubbing one another. After fucking her for a while
I pulled out and moved higher up her body and started fucking
her breasts, whilst removing my shirt. She put her hands
on my buttocks and pulled me to her open mouth and sucked
on my cock before I moved back down and entered her vagina
again. She was so wet that her juices started dripping onto
the cushion of the sofa as I fucked her. After fucking her
for about ten minutes, I felt her vagina get noticeably
tighter around the shaft of my cock and I knew I couldn't
hold off much longer. As I started ejaculating hard in her,
the flow of my hot semen triggered her orgasm and I felt her
spasm as she had an orgasm around my cock. I slowed down and
lay on her as we kissed.

After a short while, I felt her vagina get tighter and I knew
she still wanted to fuck. She pushed me off her and sat up,
removed her top then she stood in front of me and bent over
exposing her lovely ass and her vagina from behind. I moved
forwards her and flicked my tongue around her tight puckered
anus, poking the end of my tongue inside her as I fingered
her vagina. After a while I moved to her pussy and lapped
at our juices as they dripped out of her gaping pussy. She
knelt on the carpet facing an armchair. I went over and knelt
behind her and as I approached her, she stretched her hand
from between her thighs and grasped my penis, moving the
swollen head of my erection me to her pussy lips and then
I entered her. She was still very wet and we started pumping
each other like crazy. Her soft buttocks were shaking as
I pounded her pussy from behind and I reached my hands in
front of her and started pinching her nipples and rubbing
her breasts. She was moaning loudly again and I could hear
the slapping of our bodies against each other. I moved my
hands down to her hips and held her steady as I fucked her
hard and fast while she moaned and her juices were running
down her thighs and mine. The squelching sound of my cock
moving in and out of her pussy made us even hornier as we fucked.
All too soon, I felt my cock expanding in her vagina and I
knew I could soon cum again. I fucked her as hard as I could
and as I climaxed I could feel her get tighter. As I emptied
my balls into her, I continued fucking her and the sound
of my cock exiting then slamming back deep into her pussy
as we fucked got even louder. My semen started leaking out
of her vagina and moving down our thighs as I fucked her and
in a short while she also had a noisy orgasm, her head thrown
back as she shook and bucked her hips into me.

We half collapsed onto the armchair panting and after a
few minutes, she pushed me onto my back on the carpet and
straddled me as she rubbed her very wet pussy on my cock.
I could feel my own semen pouring out onto my cock as she rubbed
her lips all over me, getting me harder once again. She then
moved higher up my body and sat on my face. I delved my tongue
into her vagina and started eating her and licking her pussy
as fast as I could. I could taste her sex juices and my own
cum as I licked her. I moved my hands to her buttocks and caressed
them as I licked her. She then turned round and took my rapidly
engorging penis into her mouth while I continued licking
her pussy. She was sucking me so hard that the head of my penis
ached, as if she wanted me to cum in her mouth while rubbing
her vagina all over my lips and nose. My face was wet with
her juices as I tried to lick her everywhere.

Before I could cum in her mouth, she turned round, straddled
me and guided my penis back into her body and started to fuck
me hard. Her buttocks were bouncing on my body as she fucked
me and her breasts were shaking up and down. She leaned back
and rested her hands on my legs as she bounced up and down
on my cock, which got harder and harder as she humped me harder
and faster. As she was leaning back I had a clearer view of
my penis as it entered her vagina and it was glistening as
it was covered with her juices and my cum.

She then turned round and faced my feet as I was still inside
her and she continued riding my cock as she leaned towards
my feet. I had a beautiful view of her ass bouncing up and
down on me and it made me even hornier. As she rode my cock
I could see my penis entering her from beneath her ass cheeks,
her pussy lips being pulled outwards as she raised up from
me, then slamming down to take all of me into her. She then
started crying aloud as she climaxed on my penis and as her
vagina got tighter I emptied what cum I had left into her.
After a short while, she gingerly swiveled on my cock, raising
her leg over my chest and turning to lie on top of me. I felt
her soft breasts press into my chest as she lay on me and my
cock started to soften inside her as we started kissing
and I stroked her back, hair and buttocks. At this point
I was too exhausted and drained by her to get hard again,
but I'm sure she would have kept at it if I could have.

Since then, we've been in contact a couple of times
by email, but I'm still waiting and hoping for the day
she will let me fuck her again!

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thanks for that sexy comment...


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Damn I wish that it was me there with you 2. maybe she would like to be double fucked. in her pussy and ass at the same time.

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