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3/30/2006 8:24 pm

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Today I was going to post something clever like the song lyrics from a song I heard recently, BUT dammit I left the cd in the car and I am not motivated enough to go get it. Another day I guess.
Instead I am asking questions tonite-Men-of course isnt that the normal topic of choice? I am trying to figure out how single/divorced men think. Is that ever possible to know how or what the opposite sex is thinking. You sleep with them not once but twice and know that that will not be the last time-but how does one know if there is more to come than just sex? Will he give me clues or will it just evolve? Yes the sex is great- better than I have ever had in my adult life- but should I just be content with what I have at the moment or allow myself to want more. I know eventually I will NEED more than just sex. In retrospect isnt love and reproduction supposed to be the true reason for sex. Of course I am not eliminating the need and want of physical pleasure, that just goes along with the territory. The man is question leads a busy life as I do too so (sigh) I know there is a physical attraction on both sides-the sex is great, and the fact that his dick is hard as soon as he removes his pants(without any touching anywhere) tells me at least that much. No I am not in love no I am not in lust but I do like him alot and for the third time the sex is great, but I dont want to be pushy or assuming or say or do the wrong things. I hate and love this feeling the excitement of the unknown. I know I sound like half a nut case. This is all so new to me-especially after being told for years that I was too stupid or too fat or no one would ever want me because I have 2 kids. Dont get me wrong, I like who I am now, I love school and have a 3.8 gpa my kids are great an sure I could lose a few pounds but most of us could. So with all that being said......
Seen any good movies lately? Saw Just Friends (laughed my ass off) and Derailed (drama-not quite edge of your seat but still good)

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4/2/2006 2:05 pm

Depends? Do you want to have fun? or Do you want a LTR? or You could have fun looking for a LTR!

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4/2/2006 10:38 am

So should I start thinking like a guy?

rm_Smile_My_Way 60M
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4/2/2006 7:50 am

I agree with bigb69t. Guys think first with their dicks and later with their other head. Girls generally have to like the one they have sex with first, guys don’t, and that comes later, if the sex is good or better.

Haven’t seen that movie yet. I’ll be looking for it.

I did as you ask on the six things; you’ll have to check them out.

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4/1/2006 11:26 pm

thank you thank you thank you!!! That is just the kind of insight I wanted. A sneak peek into the mind of men. Good information! Thanks for sharing!

bigb69t 49M

4/1/2006 9:02 pm

Yes, "Chicken Little"! I'm neither single or divorced but the question you raise is valid. "Do we (men) want moore than just the sex, and if so, how are you (women) supposed to know?" Maybe paraphrasing here a little. As you have mentioned, it is difficult to separate the emotion from the orgasm. Both men and women suffer from the same problem, but I believe in different ways.
Men love the orgasm... in general more than the emotional ties.

While many lovers come and go, we usually only develop that intimate emotional relationship with a few women. Despite the brady bunch era brainwashing... sex usually does comes first. Usually a ton of it before most rational adult men even consider the emotional attachment. I believe men use two completely different filters in picking mates. First, is this someone I want to fuck... we are human... we are animals, and that's half of gods way of propagating most species. After months of spine tingling sex, and the confidence building efforts you have eloquently described... some prodding from our... "moms"... maybe we will use filter two. Is this someone I would consider bringing home to meet mom at Thanksgiving...

Women on the other hand are more likely to use one filter... If this is the type of guy I could see myself with... then I'll fuck him. Women are more likely than men to think of the emotions earlier in a relationship.

For example, after a month of encounters with the same man, a women may tell her friends... and they may respond with... do you think it could lead to something. A guy may not even tell his friends he's doing you for the first month. I know this is a gross characterization. If your recently single, try a couple other guys before jumping to the relationship zone.

I don't mean to trivialize this intimacy issue with a partner. On the contrary, as a somewhat happily married man... when my wife is away ooh I miss sex.... But could it really be the intimacy with her, someone that I connect with on all levels that I truly miss? It could be what you miss too. Keep up the outstanding sex if you like him. I've seen your picture. If he keeps showing up with the bulge in his pants and the smile on his face, he's probably not going to disappear over night either!!!

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