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1/31/2006 11:22 pm

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First post 2-1-06

Why is it the more time I spend on this site the more horny I get?! (DUH) I thought that after my divorce sex wouldnt matter so much as I have gone with out for such a very long time. I thought I could remain re-virinated and keep some sanity in the process. Still I am reconsidering this ideal of my morality. I would like to be "bad" and free and fuck just for the fun of it and not worry about responsibilities of life. Am I kidding myself to believe that sex with emotion is the way to go?! I know that sex is just sex and love and caring and trust are other issues entirely. I have had opportunity to have sex but have turned all down for one reason or another-period no chemistry or whatever. I really was on the rag whether he believed me or not.
I find that I have sex on my mind all the time. My New Years Resolution was to have more fun...I am trying. Is it possible to be a divorcee' with young children and still have a safely fullfilling sex life? Is it impossible to breakaway from the moral code that was pounded into my head as a teenager? Tell me how to do to become sexually involved without the possibility of attatchment.
Why are so many men dishonest? Why cant they say I am just not interested??? Dont tell me you are looking to meet people when you just want to fuck. Tell me that is what you want and let me deceide if I am interested. If you wanna just fuck say it and dont sugar coat it. I respect those that state that outright-at least that way I know where they stand. Dont waste mine or anyone elses time.
I am an attractive woman but I am not vain. I am the victim of the cruel joke of childbirth and life. My body does not fit my way of thinking. I am overweight but not huge. I have never broken any furniture unless you count the coffee table during sex with my x or the bed rail I snapped during child birth-to me those just dont count. I am an intelligent woman with a caring heart and old soul but young state of mind. I have tried to lose weight and have been told that I am unsuccessful do to the medication I take. So I tell myself that my glowing personality makes up for my body.
After being held down for 17 years in a marriage with an alcoholic-being told I was stupid and no one else would ever want me I am finally coming into myself again. I have learned I am smart funny caring compassionate horny too analyitical too hard on myself and I never believe that anyone would would be dishonest and vindictive on purpose (what a load of crap that is) I try to give the benefit of the doubt to people and try not to judge. I really am starting to like myself more and more each day. I have no major mental hang-ups I divorced the one I had in June. I am taking proactive steps to improve my life for myself and my children always keeping them first. I guess I want some one who would like to consider me important in his life some one who is not married or ugly (in or out) someone that wants to carry on an occasional conversation that is not about sports or sex. Someone who finds the concept of reading a book inviting and not torture. I love the smell of a man and the feel of my head on his shoulder while laying in bed with his arm around me. I want to feel the coarseness of his chest and strength of his arms as he holds me. I want him to place my hand on his growing cock as he holds me tighter. He asks me to just touch him. I like the feel of his muscles relaxing to my touch. I want to suck his cock knowing that I will still get mine in the end too. (God I hate selfish lovers) Kiss me as if I could be your last breath-make me wet with just that one kiss. Touch me and like it and dont expect me to do it all. Enjoy my mind as well as my body. Let me pull you behind a locked door to suck your cock while there are people in the other room. SSSHHHH Let me worship your body knowing that you appreciate mine. Know that I have a great amount of untapped potential. Sexually allow me to learn how to be the best you have ever had. Explore and expand my horizons show me a better way to make you feel good. Kiss me for no reason. Give me strength and satisfaction and allow me to do the same for you. Be open to new ideas. Call me in the middle of the day just to tell me how you are gonna take me later....
Give me back as much as I give and know that more will come....

rm_Smile_My_Way 60M
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2/5/2006 10:33 am

To fuck for the fun of it is more of a guy thing. It’s very difficult for women to do this. For you to fuck for fun you must put your feelings aside and look at men as just a piece of meat for your enjoyment. Sounds a bit cruel I know, but it makes going your separate ways afterwards much easier. If you get to know someone first; then you have feelings and someone will be hurt. It’s best to just meet and just do it.

The reason men lie is to get laid. If a man is out after a piece he will say anything to get it. If he is looking for someone to spend more time with then just a night; he will be more honest. He may not be complete honest. If men were completely honest 100% of the time; they would NEVER get laid. I know it’s hard for you to understand this, cause you are a woman. Women can be more honest because guys just don’t care what you have to say when looking to get laid.

bigrob3172 45M

2/1/2006 2:52 pm

my oh my, that was hot. You better not read my posts though, I went thru a spell where I was as Shallow as Shallow can be. I really enjoyed reading your blog though, and will be anxiously awaiting more.

rm_titsandtires 53M/42F
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2/1/2006 10:51 am

This is the best "first post" I've ever seen. welcome to the blogs. read, write, enjoy, make friends.


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