Hot Tub Hunny  

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2/14/2006 3:20 am

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Hot Tub Hunny

Nicole and I. we've always been close friends. we're comfortable with each other. we were just in a hot tub together, lying back, talking. we sit close together; theres always been some subtle attraction between us.

We talk and laugh for ages, but then, the subject gets a little sexual. A few subtle insinuations here and there. Im getting pretty horny. Ive always been attracted to her.

Underwater, i move my hand over her vagina. i place it down slowly, tickling her leg before i settle on her sweet pussy. she looks surprised, but she doesnt stop me.

i begin to stimulate her clit. the water is soo warm and were soo relaxed and comfortable. she sinks even lower into the water. she moans with the movement of my hand, twitching here and there. one of her hands slides her bikini bottms down. giving me direct contact with her pussy.

i use my other hand to take her bikini top off. shes really getting into it now. she tugs at my swimmers, trying to pull them down; while trying to stay as relaxed as possible. i take them off while i continue to fondle her snatch...

i rest the tip of my hard cock against her vagina. i pause for a moment. it pulsates towards her. Wanting her. in the short time that i stop simulating with my hand and position my hard cock she reaches out and grabs me. she forces my hard cock into her pussy, squirming in pleasure as i enter. slowly... the water stops us from going too fast...........

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