So I had 2 last week and I was disappoointed  

hotcatfor9thick 49F
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9/5/2006 11:32 am

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12/5/2008 9:10 am

So I had 2 last week and I was disappoointed

So I had sex with 2 men last week. One was really young 21, not my usual type but he was so fine, I had to try it. Sad state of affairs, note to self, don't break that rule again, the pay off was not worth the effort.

Guy number 2 was cute but way better in bed, but he still didn't quite hit it right. I only got with the second guy because the first guy just didn't put it on a sistah like it needed to be put, you know? Sometimes you want a little foreplay and a whole lot of fucking and if you don't get it, you mad, horny and looking for another stiff one to ride. Totally tired of looking. *sigh*

Anyway, the only thing is that I really am a size queen, I had to admit that to myself; After me and my ex broke up I have been looking for a man with a dick like that,who can really work it, nearly a year. You know, I only started dating him because I KNEW he had a big ole, illegal size dick! I fell in love with him months after he fell in love with me. But I stuck around before that purely for the big ole dick. I admit it, there I finally typed it out loud to some part of the world. lol. Shallow, true, it really was, on my part, but I can't lie.

So I think the problem with these last 2 guys is though neither of them were tiny cocked or anything (7,8ish but not all that thick)they just didn't have really big extra thick penis' and that is really, really what I like.

So now I'm on this site looking for really, really big, extra thick cock, staying power a plus. No less than 9 inches, and thick like my wrist. So sue me, I tried "average", it ain't for me Boo. Shameless plug I know, but that is really what is on my mind today.

wantsawoman2k 35M
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9/5/2006 7:24 pm

Wish I could say I was that large, I'm another joe average with a little extra thickness. Best of luck in you search.

hotcatfor9thick 49F
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12/5/2008 9:10 am

You are cute, I may make an exception if you have thickness. Tell me more. You aren't married are you? I don't do married.

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