The stupid bus... A rant  

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8/15/2006 10:56 pm

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The stupid bus... A rant

First and foremost, let me apologize up front to anyone and everyone I may offend with this post. However, there has to be something said about stupidity gone amok. Not to mention that people just do not listen. Of course I am talking about work here and the bus that carries stupid people must have been fully loaded tonight, closely followed by the ones that were wearing earplugs.

The entire shift was not short of either. When we answer a phone line we always say our first name.
I average 50 calls per hour, more or less. Now I do talk quickly, but always emphasize my name, knowing that hospitals usually need to document who they spoke with when calling for the doctor.
It made NO difference tonight, I had to repeat myself at least 3 times more than once. Usually it was twice for every call. Then there were those that had to tell me the entire history of their illness, starting in 1990, even though we stop the tale and specifically ask what is the problem NOW.. They go right back to the beginning.
And the best one of the evening goes to the dimwit that said she could not take a shift for the next day for a nursing service. I repeated back that she could NOT take the shift. She said No I can NOT take the shift. Again I repeated the message. She told me no that was not the message. I repeated it back, that she was not able to take the shift, thinking it would register in her minute brain. It didn't. At this point I told her that I would have the on call scheduler phone her back, since I could not take it any more.

Then there were the callers that had the TV/radio/stereo/screaming children/traffic noises/street noises in the backround that made it impossible for them to hear me and vice versa. These people are yelling back at me so I can hear. And repeating myself constantly. And while I am at it lets talk about "call blocking" features and "privacy director" The worst things in the world to be invented. Doctors do NOT want their private numbers displayed on a patients caller ID. Take it the fuck off. He/she will not call you back, but will call us and bitch and moan that you have it. Then has us call you back to tell you to remove it, even though we already did tell you once.

Now I realize that you feel your call may be urgent to you. If you are indeed sick, it did not suddenly strike at 5:01pm. Unless you are having a life threatening event. Like a heart attack, or stroke or something similar. Then you should be calling a goddamn ambulance not doctor. Get some fucking sense people. No one has ever died from pinkeye, yet we get countless calls for it. Another good one is the calls to the pediatricians for rashes. How the hell does a doctor treat a rash over the phone? Fever is another good one. A kid has a fever. Big fucking deal. Mom/Dad say nothing else appears wrong. So what is the doctor to do. Give the rugrat some Tylenol and call in the morning. And don't go hysterical on me and tell me it is very high.
104 or 105 is high, not 101. Kids run high fevers when they are sick. Trust me I had 2. They ran high fevers. Before calling the doctor, I would stick junior in a tepid bath, give him some tylenol and then see what happens. It came down.

So hopefully the stupid bus pulled out with all the passengers aboard. Another day like that I could not take.

Thank you for allowing me to vent.......

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8/16/2006 3:22 pm

If it makes you feel any better, you've got nothing on us poor tech support folks. You think people go nuts when their kid is sick, they're twice as bad when they need that document due for their meeting in 20 minutes that got lost because they don't ever click the save button. Hoo boy.

And nothing is as infuriating as those who want you to fix their problem but have only used a computer twice in their lives. "My computer is broken" is not specific enough for me to help solve the problem!

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