Well..I did it..my first webcam  

hotandcoolcouple 47M/43F
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4/14/2006 2:54 pm

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1/9/2007 9:56 am

Well..I did it..my first webcam

After a little wine..a little flirting online.. I signed on to chat with my webcam. Just ate popcorn at first. A whole bowl of popcorn.. then I realized WOW these people can really see me.. (again. I'm new to this! hee hee) So I started to eat the popcorn as sexy as I could. THAT TAKES TALENT!! There, of course, we some single men turned on by the popcorn eating but I knew if i wanted to get the ratings up.. I needed to show a little skin. It's quite interesting to see the numbers and graphics involved. ha ha. Once I got to 50 people.. I decided to go for 100 and so on and so on. it could be quite addictive for the narccissist (sp??) in me!! Oh..the ego!
ANyway.. from there I started to play with my shirt and bra in a teasing sort of way..etc. Then came the one nipple peek.. then another.. then back.. Oh what a tease I was! It was fun! Then I got brave, turned on and full of myself and put on a show! The jeans came down the cute underwear was shown, I bent over a little to show my Ass-ets! Showed a little more than just my underwear...and The flashing pages went crazy! (but of course mainly single men.) NO OFFENSE DUDES but heh! come on here! What do you think this is?? the internet?? ha ha
By the end of my little strip tease online.. I was feeling quite frisky.. so I went to bed and gave some (great!) head. Poor little boyfriend didn't even hear me comin'.. taken off guard.. he loved it. Ohhh the delights of this site.

trucpl4fun 47M/42F

4/26/2006 10:21 pm

LOL.... too cute. Glad you had fun on cam. Wishe we had of known we would have watched too. Take care. Hope to chat soon.

rm_smoslinky4u 48M/44F
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5/3/2006 1:42 pm

Geez, and we missed it? How'd that happen? You are quite amusing, and clearly the extrovert that people like me are attracted to. I'm impressed by your inhibitions...keep up the great work!


hotandcoolcouple replies on 7/26/2006 11:41 pm:
If u think you missed it that time... you should have seen the past 2 nights... I was very very dirty. hee hee

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