Vacation Fantasy--Part One  

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4/10/2005 5:30 pm

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Vacation Fantasy--Part One

Vacation on the beach is wonderful...nothing better than watching half naked adults walking about. Mmmmmmmmmm. The sight of the rubbing lotion on their hot bodies makes me quite wet!

While walking about, I love winking at a sexy guy--especially if his wife or girlfriend is with him. A car full of young studs love it when I let a shoulder strap falls just enough they get a peek at my tits. I instantly become a MILF!

Even while sunbathing on the deck, I love to let ALOT of cleavage show. I will often chat with them, knowing their eyes are dreaming of rubbing their dicks between them. Occasionally, a few take up my offer to chat with me on the deck.

I will often bring up the subject of what time I will be showering, and just happen to mention that the bathroom window is open as I enjoy the cool ocean breezes blow on my wet, tanned body. I always inform this new friend they are welcome to meet me on my deck at sunset for a drink, if they so desire.

I make sure to have candles, both outside and inside my beach home, enough to add just enough light that we will be able to see one another. I make sure I have a bottle of wine cooling, cheese, crackers, and fruit ready to serve.

Very often, as I begin to undress, I notice my new friend glancing to the window. I begin my little strip show, as i notice the glances turn to stares. Sometimes I notice him occasionally having to rub his ever-growing buldge.

I lay towels out on the floor, so I can shower while he watches. Sometimes, a man or two will take pictures of me washing all of those areas that I know he would love to have the buldge in his pants touching me.

Once I step out of the shower, I take my time drying off, the begin the slathering of lotion on every inch of my body. I slip on only a lowcut, modest dress (one that goes from my butt to midthigh).

I look out the window and I nod and get one back. In a about 10 minutes, my friend is there on my deck, confessing that watching me was quite exciting, as if I didn't notice the buldge growing once again...... be continued

keithcancook 61M
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4/10/2005 7:59 pm

Your vacations are better than mine.


4/11/2005 6:38 am


The morning began gray and dreary as I looked from my bedroom window. I could see the sun struggling to peek from behind silken clouds. I remembered a little spot in the country I had been wanting to hike through, so I packed my backpack, threw a blanket in the car and away I went. The little spot was only an hour away from my home and the sun had finally won its tryst with the clouds by the time I arrived, leaving me with a beautiful golden day. As I turned off the main highway the road ended amidst a tangle of brush and trees. When I pulled into a clearing, stepped from the car and closed the door, I could hear it echo through the trees. What a beautiful place it was! I went to the trunk to collect my backpack and, as I put it on, I could smell the scent of this beautiful country, the flowers, the trees, and even the tall grass still moist with morning dew. Walking aimlessly, simply enjoying the sensual pleasures of nature, I came across a crude path. Following its lead, I went further into the woods until I found a small clearing. The tall grass became shorter and the afternoon sun barely penetrated the trees, leading me even further into what could only be described as a wondrous fantasy.
As I walked further, I found a small cabin in what I had thought to be virgin wilderness. As I approached, I could see this little cabin must be deserted, and needing repair, for it appeared neglected like a forlorn maiden at the ball. I released my backpack to drink from my canteen. My lips by now were parched and as the heat from the sun had intensified, I removed my halter to let the caressing rays of the sun stoke my well-tanned breasts and kiss my nipples with tender ecstasy. Walking around the little cottage, I could only imagine what dreams this idyllic spot had once held in someone's heart. Suddenly a resonant male voice said, "Hello, pretty lady. I was out back cleaning my tools when I noticed you coming through the clearing. Beautiful day, isn't it?" Ignoring my bare breasts, as though scarcely aware of them, he looked into my eyes and spoke directly to me. "Do you like my little spot out here? It will be my little hide away when I'm done." Standing there in shock from a voice that had startled me, I saw this man, such a beautiful man, talking to me, yet I didn't even hear the words flowing from his full and enticing lips. He stood at least six-four and seemed to be in his mid-forties. He was dressed only in worn jeans, tightly glued to his athletic body and emphasizing every curve and delightful bulge of his manhood. On his feet he wore sturdy but well worn boots, indicating he must spend quite a bit of time in or around this island of paradise amid the vegetation. As we stood face to face, I could see the beads of perspiration glistening on his forehead as though dancing upon the golden skin of this beautiful man. That was the only way I could think of him, for to give him a name would make him less than immortal. Could I be dreaming? Was he merely a fantasy of mine, or was this really happening? At last, aware of my semi-nakedness, I wondered why he was ignoring those protuberances upon my chest, which I have been told by many lovers are nothing less than glorious. Could this demigod be gay? How could fate treat me with such cruelty? He told me how he had purchased this land and the worn cottage, now looking like a palace with him as the dashing Prince Charming.
As we talked, he told me about a rustic church he was also restoring. I stood enchanted while his eyes glistened as he told me of his visions for the old structure. Slowly we began walking while we talked of everything imaginable, as if we had known each other all our lives. He grasped my hand as we walked and the nearness of him made me wet with anticipation. He stopped to pick a flower from the grassy fields, and placing one in my hair, he gently kissed my forehead. His lips were so warm and full of promise I began to tremble from his touch, as though I were once again a schoolgirl and he the heartthrob of my eighth grade class. He must have sensed my desire for him because he pulled into his strong arms, his chest beating with passion and holding me tight against his pounding chest. As if I had no will of my own, I felt my body yield to the safety of his manly strength. When first we kissed, it seemed like hours, so lost was I in the delirious pleasures of time and space. At last, when he looked into my eyes, I knew from that moment what would soon happen. In a silent prayer of both hope and need, we hurried in our long walk back to his cottage, heedlessly shedding both caution and clothing until we were both naked and the wind embraced us both as we ran down the path. Before we entered, he swept me into his arms as he kicked the door open and carried me in, our lips locked in the sure knowledge of what would soon be.

I did not know it then, but he would become the most unforgettable man of my life. When I could finally tear my gaze from him, I was taken by surprise, as I looked about, still tenderly cradled in his arms. He lovingly placed me upon a very large overstuffed chair, and I admired the remarkable job this man had accomplished while restoring this place. A hand woven rug ran the length of the room; was that how he had acquired such strength and tenderness in his hands? The walls had been plastered and painted a warm shade of beige, the ideal earth tone for this man. A fireplace, built from worn river rock, carefully placed by loving hands, held the logs that would soon give warmth and romance to this room. From the kitchen, where there was an apartment sized propane refrigerator, he brought a very special bottle of wine while telling me of its vintage and origin. Two long stem glasses came from behind his back as if they were a gift he presented to me. This moment in time would become the heart of my fantasy for the rest of my life. I couldn't believe I would ever again experience anything like this. He poured and as we tasted the wine our passion for one another burst into a raging inferno once again. He kissed my lips and his sultry mouth slid to the hollow of my neck and the slope of my shoulders. Moving lower, his sweet breath lit a blaze of desire in my breast and his perfect teeth nipped gently, teasingly at my nipples. Disappointingly, he ceased his oral ministrations to my breast and his lips traveled down my abdomen until his tongue caressed my thighs and I felt I would die of ecstasy. I began to quiver again as he kissed my knees, my thighs, and then his teeth gently tugged at my nipples once more. I began to feel as though I would burst with a climactic orgasm from his kisses alone. He pulled me from the chair, making it seem larger than before, and placed my feet in the air so as to hook my knees over his broad shoulders. Now his tongue made a beeline from my knees along the tender whiteness of my inner thighs until his mouth was buried in my pubic hair. He began his kisses again and his tongue probed the deepest recesses of my pussy and I gave forth with a climax that left my cunt wetter than before and begging for more. As he spread my legs further his tongue went inside me in a way I have never felt before and he probed deeply and lovingly inside my pussy. When he began teasing my clit with his masterly tongue and sucking it with his lips I felt as though he were kissing and loving the very soul of me! He brought me to passionate heights no man had ever taken me to before. I could only hold his head as my body rocked from side to side in a dance I could not, would not, stop! I felt myself soaring above the passions of normal men and women, and I pulled his head even tighter to me while I erupted with an orgiastic climax like no other I had ever achieved, and I felt sure only few women had experienced. The incredible joy was so intense I could fully understand why some cultures call it 'the little death.' I knew he could taste the juices of love flowing from me and over his face, for he pulled back to watch me experience this ultimate climax, my body arcing and thrusting my pelvis upward as though begging for more and more, which it was.

Then he reached for our glasses and while we sipped from them my eyes began to survey the beauty of this man, from his handsome face to his beautiful feet. I took the glass from his hand and placed it beside mine on the table, much as our bodies were side by side in the huge chair. I stood up and he followed my lead, then I began to kiss his body from his face to his feet, hoping to pleasure him as much as he had pleasured me. When he moaned, I knew I was in the right place. His toes twitched as my tongue glided across them with a slow sliding movement that went up his legs to his calves where I stopped long enough to nibble and suck while I marveled at the promise of his beautiful cock. My tongue began its journey from his legs to his hard cock, throbbing with the strength of his passion all by itself, even before my lips adorned its splendor. As I drew closer to pleasing him I felt my own orgasms growing to take over my body even before my lips took control of his strong engine of love. I was even more excited than I had been only seconds before, and I longed to take that gorgeous cock and his pendulous balls deep within my mouth, giving to him the same intensity of pleasure he had given me. I started with his balls, caressing them with my lips and tongue, then he presented the velvety head of his prick to me and I drew a taste of his manhood onto my tongue. He massaged his balls while the flavor and taste of his love juices filled me with ecstasy. With my lips and tongue I pulled his tight balls into my warm mouth, sucking him and kissing his testicles for the pure enjoyment and pleasure of loving him. I could taste him, his maleness and sweat, and I remember his face as he looked at me with wonderment and need. He took his powerful hands and gently grabbed my head, pushing my face with savage tenderness into his crotch, fulfilling the lust and desire we both yearned for. My mouth eagerly begged for more and I was his devoted thrall, at his every beck and call to satisfy his needs. My tongue seemed to have a mind all it's own, caressing and teasing this silken shaft, seeming to want to swallow the whole man, beginning with the delicious cock. With my eyes wide open I watched as he smiled his pleasure at me, his cock appearing as tall as the trees sheltering this beautiful little spot where I was satiating myself with the salty, sweet, sticky and delicious taste of him.

I began licking at the base of his cock until my tongue worked it's way to the head where I began kissing, teasing and sucking at it with the tiniest of kisses, over and over until he was begging for more. My eyes went to his face and I saw the enjoyment there. His hands went a direction all their own. He stood up, holding my head firmly, while grinding his cock deep into my mouth. His knees bent, he pushed his cock deep into my throat, lunging and thrusting until I swallowed every inch, the rhythm of his climax building to a crescendo. His cries of pleasure were loud and strong as he felt himself about to explode like never before and I could feel his cock growing harder yet. Then grabbed his firm ass tightly, driving his cock entirely down my throat until I could feel the river of thick cum filling me with the delicious nectar of love. At the same time his moans were so loud I could hear the animals moving about outside as if they knew, or felt our delight. His cock remained in my mouth as we relaxed to the floor. While we lay together our bodies disentangled as our lips came together. A long while later, when on my feet again, I found a washbowl and filled it with warm water. Taking a washcloth, I soaked it, wrung it out and washed his face, neck and torso, following the cloth with further ministration from my lips. Returning to the basin I wrung the cloth again and returned to give him pleasure again. The cloth was warm and I lovingly placed it on his cock while he sighed with sheer enjoyment, closing his eyes and falling into a sleep of pure pleasure.

For a short time I lay beside him, watching him sleep. I then felt my eyes getting heavy and I began to feel exhaustion taking control of my body also. Not fully awake, I could sense the morning rays of sun melting through my tightly closed eyelids. Opening my eyes, I found myself waking in a field of wild flowers beneath the morning sun. How did I get to that little spot under the soft clouds that were now my roof? I looked for the little cottage that had held such beautiful memories. I said to myself "Memory!" Was this place only a dream? Had I fallen asleep in this clearing of green grass and wild flowers the night before while the afternoon sun kissed my body? Looking further, I found no cottage, only my clothes neatly folded upon my backpack. Walking to my car I felt that now was the real dream, and I wished it were not so. How would I ever again be able to find that idyllic place in the consciousness of every day life? Is my fantasy reality, or is my reality fantasy !

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4/19/2005 3:35 am

That's a cool story, but doesn't it seem wierd when complete strangers reply with their own continuation to them?

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5/6/2005 11:38 am


cccuster 62M

5/28/2005 5:55 pm

i love your idea of a vacation.itake vacationsin the caribbean andalwayslook for a nude beach. i love to fantasize about sex with the people i see on the beach

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5/31/2005 10:10 am


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7/8/2005 2:58 am

very very nice, i too now have a bulge!its the cleavage that done it!

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7/9/2005 1:04 am

Trying to contact you, email us please

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7/10/2005 2:17 pm

pas mal,mais la photo n'a été cadré qu'à la moitié,dommage

rm_thanatos135 31M

7/12/2005 9:38 pm

i like milfs......yeah.....enough from me.


7/14/2005 3:33 pm

Maaate... Quickly Part 2 Please...

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7/16/2005 2:20 am

would luv to meet u soon

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7/21/2005 10:00 am

mmm i would love to see that

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7/28/2005 4:31 pm

Love those LOW cut dresses,any chance of you modeling for me????

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9/8/2005 4:19 pm

That is so f@#cking hot, I'd love to go down on you for an hour or so til you beg me to penetrate you

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