I did it again  

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9/10/2006 1:38 pm

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I did it again

Bob got up this morning and wanted to check out AdultFriendFinder and lo and behold, we are standard members again!! I sent the payment in last Tuesday but they haven't received it yet. So I'm in the dog house once again. I must have a dark cloud that floats over my head.

We've had a great week end, attending the class reunion, visiting with friends that we haven't seen in years and dancing until the wee hours. I've danced more in the last two nights that I have danced in the last two years!

The reunion was at the Shilo in Richland and we had over 250 people attending! Not just our class but all classes. We have a Club Forty for the classes that have been out for more than 40 years so we saw people from as far back as 1946. More fun than you can shake a stick at.

Yesterday we were at the Harvest Fest in West Richland for seven hours helping a friend with her booth. Came home, and took a nap since We were tired. Woke up at 7:30, too late for the dinner but we made it in time for the dance that started at 9pm. I had more wine than was good for me but so what? It was my sinful weekend, didn't pay much attention to what I was eating, but now I'm back on track, blood sugars are normal so not too bad.

The group met with our last new member (they decided last night) at the Country Gentlemans in Kennewick. They were the couple that had cammed for us last month. Bob and I haven't met them yet in person, but Eva says that they are nice and they like them so do two of our other couples so they are in and we are up to a total of six couples with only one waiting. Haven't emailed them to see if they want to stick around or not. The one couple that said they were so serious never did respond to Eva's email so guess they are not interested in a long range plan! Too bad, I think they would have maybe been a good addition to our crowd.

We're going to have a nice quiet week and see if we can catch up on rest. Thinking about one more trip to Rooster Rock if the weather is still warm enough.

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.

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