Good Morning, its now 12:01 am  

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7/21/2006 12:00 am

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Good Morning, its now 12:01 am

Went to bed, read, couldn't get to sleep so I'm back at the computer reading blogs. Came across this item from "Shelly's World" that is interesting.

Wanted: People up for a fruity job

An INTERNET sex shop is looking for people to test a pill that, ahem, ‘makes your sexual fluids taste fruity’. LoveHoney dot co dot uk is offering £200 for couples to take the pills twice daily and give a blow-by-blow account on line. The ‘Sweet Release Oral Sex Enhancement’ pills come in two flavors ‒ apple for me and lemon for women. It’s maker, US based Blue Mountain Neutraceutical, claims it will make ‘your semen change from a salty flavor to a delicious apple taste’. While the 100 percent herbal supplement has passed safety tests, LoveHoney said it needs to try out the stock. ‘We have just started selling them and we want to make sure they work,’ a spokeswoman said. They are looking for couples who are up for the job despite the low pay. ‘People should really do this for love,’ she added.

Whatever will they think of next, I wonder?

My friend, Eva, got a wink from my ex gal friend, and since we are interested in finding new members for our group I was in high hopes that maybe she was willing to bury the hatchet and maybe even be interested in joining our group. Well, she was just winking because she liked the pictures that Eva and John have up and they are definitely not interested in being anywhere that Bob and I are, so there goes my last faint hope of being friends again. Oh, well, I guess I knew it was to good to be true.

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