First Play date  

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3/25/2006 1:05 pm

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First Play date

We had our first play date in nearly a year and it was great. John and Eva have every Wednesday afternoon off so we met for lunch and then went to their house to play. Guess I'm hopeless. I feel strange playing in the afternoon in daylight! Must be my upbringing trying to kick in. We started off in the hot tub sitting next to the other couple and groping around. After a half hour we dried off and hit the sheets. They both are extremely oral as we are. I think Eva is slightly better since she knows how a woman reacts to certain things and can tell when I was close so she would back off and nibble around before starting to get serious again. I was having fun with her also, trying to do the same things she was doing to me. Failed several times because she would drive me too close to the edge. Bob mounted her while she was eating me and tried to drive her face into my cunt with each thrust. John came around and fed me his cock when ever Eva would let him in close enough. I was in seventh heaven!

We had three sessions that afternoon and evening. The best part of this is the fact that they always have Wednesday's off and asked if we would be interested in doing it every week! Yes, Yes.

We have extended the offer to join our group and they are thinking seriously about it.

I think they will fit in beautifully, but they are somewhat interested in starting a bike group that would travel on week end trips and have sex breaks during the trip!! LOL.

Eva is the perfect companion for a bi person, loves to play and kiss and rub and ....... for an extended time. John is a super fuck except for the size of his cock. He is so thick that I wondered if I would be able to take it all. I did, but I know I can never deep throat him. The man has stamia, can fuck for an extended time. It feels so great being stretched like that. The men gave me a dp while Eva sucked on my tits. (John was in the front while Bob was in the rear of course.) I look forward to many more sessions with the two of them.

I had hoped that we would be with the couple we had been chatting with so long, but not meant to be I guess. And so it goes. Not the end of the world.

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