Cry baby  

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8/31/2005 7:28 pm

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Cry baby

This afternoon I was shopping at a grocery store and ready to check out. A young couple, 20-22 with a small baby was just in front of me and asked the checker to total a part of the order they had. I overheard the male mention to his wife that they could only spend $23. or they wouldn't have the money for the babies medicine. The things they had were the bare items needed for the bay, cereal and diapers, etc. I got some money out of my purse and tried to slip it to the girl without making a fuss. She started crying and trying to give it back to me. I said (quietly) that it was okay and take it for the baby. She kept crying and by this time I started also. The checker had been listening and she started leaking too. How embarrassing, right in the front of the store. It seems he had been laid off just at the time the baby was born and hadn't found work yet. I was pleased to be able to help them but wish it could have been done in a different manner. When they asked me for my name and address so they could pay me back I refused and told them to pass it on later to someone else.

On a lighter note, two couples are joining Bob and I in a Motor Home trip to the nudist beach this week end. Leaving Friday afternoon late and returning Monday afternoon.

We'll meet good friends from the Medford area and have a relaxing time. (At least during the day!) Evenings will be another story. main problem is not enough room (width wise) to really play strenuous games.) May be reduced to strip poker or truth or dare. Still fun for all.

rm_bushice 73M
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9/2/2005 9:30 pm

Well Done!! And they say that Small towns don't have what it takes!! I say we Know What it takes!!

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