Back to school  

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8/1/2006 9:32 pm

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Back to school

I had my meeting with the dietitian today, with more to follow. So much to learn about the proper things to eat for a diabetic. And I'm not sure if I can gain weight on this diet. I need to gain about 10# but will I? Who knows?

My b-i-l may come home tomorrow or Thursday so everyone is happy about that. He will have home care for a while to teach he and his wife the proper procedure to care for the bag and so on. It will be tough but the other option was even worse.

Eva and I had lunch in the park today. They are having a play date tomorrow afternoon with the couple they met last Friday evening. They both were impressed with them, seem to be a fun couple. They spent three hours with them and had a good time. Eva says that they may be keepers. They have been in the life style for about two years and seem to have everything under control with their relationship with each other. They have another meet and greet next Friday evening and then one the next week. Really unbelievable how many couples responded to our profiles.

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