April 3  

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4/3/2006 1:21 pm

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April 3

We had a blast this week end, doing the tandem jump and going out and drinking and dancing.
The jump was great, had my heart in my throat, but I could do it again. Bob is talking about taking hang gliding lessons and asked me if I was interested. That's something I need to thing about.

We parked our MH in the lot at the Walmart store and drove to several clubs, had supper, drinks and a lot of dances. Jill and I were in short skirts, thongs and the guys (strangers) were coming out of the wood work! Kept us busy and we had fun flirting with some of them.

When we got back to the MH the guys were ready to fuck us before we got the door open. LOL. Didn't take long for them to strip us and start playing around. They like to take turns with each of us, changing partners often, just keeping us in suspense as to what will happen and who will be doing it. I think they have been watching too much porn since they had Jill lay down, put me on top of her, both face up, and then they would , one at a time, fuck first one and then the other, slipping it out of Jill, moving up a bit and sliding it home in me. Then Bob would take over and Jack would suck and play where ever he could reach. Jill had her hands on my tits and was pulling on my nips! I couldn't quit cumming.

Bob had me mount him in the reverse position and lay back against his chest. Jill started eating us both at the same time. And Jack was fucking her dog fashion. Bob loves to have her lick his cock while he is fucking! Ss do I actually. All in all it was a great week end. Laid around Sunday, got up late and did the breakfast thing, went shopping for a while and then headed home.

I gradually getting better as far as losing my friend. I think one of the things that bothered me the most was the fact that a friend and I did a stupid stunt and I wasn't allowed to tell my side of it before she pulled the plug. I thought that we had a deeper relationship than that. Guess I was wrong, we may have just been a prospective notch on the bed post. Anyway, I'm not talking about this again so no one has to listen to me tell my so sad story. (It only concerns me anyhow and no one knows who they are.) At least its like therapy, unloading my feelings. No more. I know how she felt when she lost a friend without really knowing why. Its not something I would wish on my worst enemy. And life goes on regardless. Later

nudist4U2692 38M/36F
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4/3/2006 7:00 pm

Girl friend, you were really something else, Jack and Bob were hard put to keep up with you. I thought you had some speed going at times. It made for a great week end. And I still am sore even now.



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