Bus Stop Rendevous  

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Bus Stop Rendevous

Jake was running late, he never should have drank that much or else he wouldn't be in this predicament. He was forced to leave his car at Caleb's apartment.
"They better not fuck with it," is all that Jake thought. His friends were infamous for playing pranks on those that were in bad shape. And Jake was in the worst shape of his life. The nearest bus stop was ten blocks away, but it seemed to be ten miles away at the stumbling rate that Jake was going.
"Some friend you are Cale," muttered Jake. "Just because you got to hook up tonight doesnt mean I can't stay there. It's not like I am going to walk in on you and little-miss-tight-and-ready. All I need is a couch and a garbage can and I will be fine. Way to treat your best friend. Bros before hoes my ass." Jake stumbles off the curb and falls into the soggy street, it had been raining earlier. He picks himself up and tries to brush the mud off his jeans, only spreading it around his pants in vain.
Deftly putting one foot in front of the other, Jake slowly makes his way down the last block to the bus stop. He can see the the concrete shelter in the dull street lamp light.
"Half a block left, come on Jake you can make it." He clutches the wall for support just as the last bus of the night flies down the street. "FUCK," he screams. "Now what do I do, the shelter is closed for the night now, and I can't go back to Caleb's. There is no way I can make it back to my apartment in my state...." Jake lungses over and pukes all 12 beers, 4 green apple vodka shots and three bottles of water onto the sidewalk, and stands up. Immediatly he wipes his mouth and gargles with the last bit of water he has and shoves as many breath mints into his mouth as possible, and staggers the rest of the way to the vacant bus stop.
"Well at least its out of my system," he thinks as he sits down, now I can sleep here without worry. The concrete bench construction of the bus stop shelter is cold but Jake's warm clothes keep all element of the cold out.
He sits in the farthest coner of the shelter to keep as warm as possible on this foggy Saturday night. As he starts to doze off, he hears the sound of pouding footsteps on the moist pavement, and heavy breathing, he perks up, and sits still only to see a petite shadowy figure stop at the bus stop and catch its breath.
"I...hope I....didn't miss...that bus," a female voices breathily stutters.
"Well you did so join the club," Jake brazenly replies. The shadowy figure steps into the light and looks at Jake, it was Kelly from the party. She had played beer pong with Caleb earlier in the night and completly ignored Jake before.
"Oh hey, you got kicked out too?"
"Yeah Caleb is trying to score with whatshername"
"Michelle, yeah I got kicked out because I wouldn't join in, I'm a one on one girl, and I don't want to share a man with someone even if that other person in my best friend, so I was forced to bus it home alone.
"Well that won't happen, I just saw the last bus pull away right before I got here, so I have to spend the night here instead."
"Well looks like you and I are in the same boat," Kelly sighs as she sits down next to Jake. "Mind if I share this 4 star accomodation with you tonight?"
"No not at all, are you cold?" Jake says invitingly. He takes off one of his jackets and gives it to her.
"Thanks but now you will be cold won't you?"
"No Im still warm from all the shit I drank earlier, the cold wont set in for a while and I am pretty bundled up as it is." Kelly scoots closer to Jake. "Well I am still cold so you can keep me warm then." She snuggles into Jake in a childlike manner.

Jake tries to nod off but he can't help looking at Kelly. At the party he saw her petite body from across the room and still got aroused by her, even if there were people blocking his view. He had thought about what he would have done to her if he was able to hook up with her, but that didn't happen. Suddenly all those thoughts from earlier caused him to suddenly get a little aroused now. She was snuggled into him resting quietly and her scent was intoxicating. He tried to shift his steadily hardening dick away from her so she wouldn't feel it, but everytime he moved, she would move with him giving a soft little moan.

Jake tried one last time again failing but this time Kellys had fell into his lap. There was nothing for him to do. Her touch brought him to full arousal as his dick tensed under her touch. But she didn't move her hand instead her grip tightened. Nervously Jake looked around and his eyes fell on hers looking up at him. She smiled and said, "well i didn't know you felt this way about me, and aparently your feeling for me is pretty big." He laughed nervously.

She sat up and smiled, "don't worry I wont tell." Kelly leaned up and kisses Jakes neck, getting closer to him. Jake leans down and kisses her lips his extremly minty breath stinging her nostrils but intensified her want to kiss him. She grabs the jacket that was wrapped around her and throws it over them.

Jake starts to protest a little but stops when Kelly unzips his pants and slides her hands into the gap. Jake tenses up as Kelly massages his dick in her hands. she takes her other hand and puts it on his and guides it down her body. He releases his grip from her hand and takes his own path around her firm supple breasts. Gently he cups one and squeezes. Kelly lets out a small groan and squeezes on his dick. Kellys nipples already hard from the cold soften under Jakes touch and then harden again soon after. Kelly looks at him her gaze is electric, hypnotizing Jake. Jake slowly moves his hand away from her breasts and down in between her warm thighs, already dripping with her desire. Kelly already pantyless spreads her legs so that Jake can easily get to her hot, pulsing pussy. She stops stroking Jake but holds onto his hard dick, as she closes her eyes and waits for Jakes fingers to move inside of her.

Gently he toys with her outer lips and slides his fingers up and down her crevice, stopping at her clit. She pushes her hips into his hand as he make slow circles on her clit. "She moans softly for Jake to go faster. Speeding up slightly he slides two fingers into her sopping wet pussy, and fingers her with long strokes. Only a few minutes after, she starts bucking and orgasms loudly, as more of her juices flow out of her onto Jakes hand and the bench they sit on.

Jake pulls his hand out from under her skirt and wipes his hands off on the jaket covering them. Kelly grip slackens on Jakes dick as she recovers from her moment of bliss. She rests her head on his shoulder more comfortably and looks up at Jake, "that was amazing, but I have to return the favor." Smiling she slides down the bench and under the jacket slowly. Jake leans his head back on the bench as he feels her tug his pants open exposing his semi-flacid dick. He feels the very tip of her tongue arouse the head of his manhood.

She slowly licks up and down his shaft, while cupping his balls in one of her hands. Her mouth slides up the side of his cock and then opens wide and slides the head fully into her wanting mouth. She slides it down her throat inch by inch until Jake is totally inside her. She pulls back up and proceeds to pump her head up and down his shaft, sucking hard so that the pressure makes Jake's dick more defined in her mouth. Kelly's tongue flicks around his dick as she sucks on it with long slow strokes, her hand massaging his balls, coaxing them to shoot out their cum for her.

Jake awestruck that this is happening, starts breathing heavily, thrusting his hips in her face. He can feel his cock brushing past her uvula slightly, as she takes him deep down her throat.

Kelly releases her grip on his balls to unbutton her shirt and unclip the front of her bra so that her breasts can brush against his leg. When Jake massaged and kissed her breasts it drove her into a frenzy, and she wanted to feel him against her again.

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