Biker Diary.......Pledging  

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6/8/2006 2:33 pm

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Biker Diary.......Pledging

When I first married, my X husband was pledging for a biker club. Now there are very strict rules to follow. But since I am not talking about anybody specific, I'm going to tell you.

During the pledging process, brothers' orders are followed and certain things have to be accomplished in order to become a member. Take for instance...

He came home, with a small gang of members. In order to fulfill his task, I had to pick 3 of them to fuck. I had no idea I was pledging for the fucking club!! WTF? Well, since we were married, it was share and share alike. I get a say? Nope. It was not negoitable. I refused and an argument ensued. So, one of the bikers grabbed me by my crotch and told me if I didn't pick one, he'd cut off my X's right pinky. Knowing the biker way of thinking, they weren't fucking around. So, I pick 3 and to my surprise, I didn't get them. I had to fuck the other 3 because I had rejected them. One of them being the one who grabbed me. He got to go first. I was shaking so bad, I lost the ability to move. He picked me up and away we went.

We had to go into the bedroom as he didn't want my X to know what was happening. Wanted him to hear my screams. He took his belt off and strapped my hands. He pushed me to the ground and made me blow him, he fucked me in my pussy, my ass and several times. If I wasn't making enought noise, he would grab my me by the hair and make me scream. When he had his fill, he left the room. I laid there unable to move, just a ragdoll. The next one came in, and so on. Each was different, had their own style of initiation abuse.

I have to tell you, it was the longest 6 hours of my life!!! I was entirely fucked. These boys were hard on me. Then they made my X fuck me right in front of them. I couldn't walk for days. I felt as if I deserved some kind of recognition, a medal, something. Well, I got it. I got a title, "Bitch." Before leaving, I was told to be available. OMG!!! Oh, and the X........... they never did give him his colors, said he was too crazy.

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