What is it about a virgin?  

horny_canuck30 42M
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1/6/2006 12:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What is it about a virgin?

Here's a thought, and I'd like some feedback.

What is it about a virgin that is appealing to some people? I myself enjoy the idea of being the first man a woman has been with. Is it just the thought of being the first?

On the same topic, why does the porn industry make such a big deal of virginity? Consider Hustler's Barely Legal series. On most (if not all) of the DVD's I have, the cover says something about these women being virgins. Take Barely Legal Summer Camp #2: it says right on the cover, "Hello summer camp, so long virginity".

Is there some idea that a virgin will be tighter (I'm speaking about female virgins here)? Is there something appealing about teaching a person how to fuck and suck (or lick)?

So why do I like the Barely Legal series? Well, it's not because I think the women are all virgins, no. I just see these women as being more firm, and not so saggy as older women (no offense to any older female readers... it's just a personal preference).

So, any ideas as to why this appeals to some people, me included?

Tejinashi 46M

1/6/2006 2:05 pm

Food for thought. Some of it is the youth they represent. FOr other people it is the 'forbidden' aspect of the age difference. I for example have dated women 10 years younger then me (she was 19 at the time). People looked at us oddly until they found out we were 'fuck buddies'. That was ok, but actually being a couple wasn't in their eyes.

That's weird. Looking at people that you find pleasurable to think about is not unusual. Always remember that the thoughts are never bad, only that actions that they might lead too. Since you sound like a smart guy you probably know where to draw the line.

As far as being with a virgin is concerned, I prefer not to. I'd rather be their 2nd. It's logic. Chances are their first may not have been all they built it up to in their head and the guy (If it was her first BF) may also have been a virgin.

It's a setup for a great performance. It takes a fairly large amount of incompetance to be horrid in bed (or on the floor, the counter, the table...) and it is a chance to teach, or rather open her eyes to what awaits her as she explores the world and her life.


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