what's up with me.??  

horny4trans 46M
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7/12/2006 2:06 pm
what's up with me.??

Okay..I am a straight man (I think)..although I have interests, desires, fantasies about meeting a beautiful, feminine woman in a bar or wherever..one ting leading to another and ending up in bed with this woman (?)..getting hot and heavy into it and slowly working my way down for some oral action..surprisingly finding out that she is not ALL woman..I pull down her panties to find a throbbing hard penis..What do I do? This is not what I expected..!! But, it is appetizing and makes mea bit curious..so, I do what I must..I lick her balls and start in on that cock..

Anyway, I have not been able to find this person to satisfy my needs and curiousity..How hard can it be to find a chick with a Dick anyway.? I am clueless..

Anyway, the beat goes one and I am still trying to find and hook up with that "special" woman..Hopefully I can get it done and find out whether I like it or not..whether I am any good at this whole things..this unexplored avenue..

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