how can a day so right go so wrong  

horneygyrl69 48F
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4/12/2006 7:19 pm
how can a day so right go so wrong

before I said I would let you all know what a stud was....well in the AA community studs are the dom/tops of the relationship and depending on the person she can almost be more masculine then most men (no offense to the men who read this). Another equal term is butch. So mow moving on....the day was perfect as I said and to compliment this perfect day for me I wanted to go to a poetry set...which she agreed to, but then her friends came over and wanted to sit on the porch and drink and drink and drink. NOT that I have a problem with drinking but it cancelled out what was important with for me and she wonders why I sit here and browse the personals and masterbates daily when she wants more!

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