Living dangerously  

horneycheeks 64M
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6/11/2006 1:30 am

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6/19/2006 11:45 pm

Living dangerously

It never ceases to amaze me how I can go for weeks and months without feeling vulnerable to the next horsecock that comes along. I will continue to work out to keep my ass and my body desirable. And I will continue to masturbate my pussy with an oversized dildo every day. It almost seems to satisfy me. I almost start to think that I’m “normal.” Then I will be sitting watching television or at my desk at work, and suddenly I will know that I’m going to start parading my cock-hungry ass again. I’m going to do something to let men know what I want, hoping desperately that one or more of them will see through my resistance and decide to have his way with my pussy regardless of my protests.

Maybe it will be a vivid memory--like the thrill of that moment when the thrusting gets brutally violent and some hung stud's cock starts to swell and kick inside my tormented butt and I know it's ready to splatter my rectum with his hot, sticky cum...

If I’m in the shower at my gym and the cravings hit me, I know that I will be walking back to my locker with my swollen clit sticking straight up, wagging like a faggot flag. Or maybe the craving will come over me at night and I will find myself driving to some semi-secluded place in the city, walking naked with a full erection down a dark alley. When my ass is on fire, I totally lose all control. Suddenly, danger is not an issue. Anal lust pushes all caution and prudence aside.

All I know is that I want it. God help me! I’m an anal slut in heat, eager for a vicious reaming by a mean, hard cock that won't care about anything but sating its manly lust inside my submissive little sphincter. And I will throw good sense and caution to the wind and put my naked ass in harm’s way to make it happen.

The cravings always come back–It’s just a matter of time.

And right now, at this moment they are definitely back. God help me!

Cruelhammer 66M
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6/11/2006 12:48 pm

Let me know the next time you go walking naked down a dark alley at night with your little toothprick up and wagging. Do you wear your high heels? That way I would know for sure that you're begging to get . I would definitely enjoy making your pretty faggot ass pay for that big time!!

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