Indecent Response to an Indecent Proposal  

horneycheeks 64M
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6/20/2006 7:02 am

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6/20/2006 11:50 pm

Indecent Response to an Indecent Proposal

In a recent message, a man wrote that he really enjoyed reading my profile and that he was interested in getting together. The following is my response:

Your description of your fat cock made my little clit very swollen. Is it really 8 1/2 inches long? My tiny pink hole might resist opening up for something that huge, especially if it's very thick. I will be scared, but I will bend over for you and spread my cheeks so you can enjoy that manly dick inside my little tush. You know you're going to really hurt me with that huge thing of yours. Can you be mean enough to hold my ass still and cram it all the way up me until your balls are slapping my buttocks? You can watch me squirm while you pull it all the way out until the head makes my anguished sphincter open wide, then thrust back into me using the length of your shaft, rupturing any of my tender tissues that get in your way. You have my pemission to fuck my girlish ass as hard as you please, ignoring my protests when I scream and beg for mercy. You can use all 8 1/2 inches to ream out my rectum, using my tight anus to stimulate your dickhead, then driving back into me again and again, relishing the way my soft insides provide exquisite bliss for your cruel, hard dick. You can use my rectum like it was a pleasure toy for your savage weapon, pumping my agonized butt-pussy with a vicious, ruthless abandon until finally you fill my helpless ass with your manly release. When you keep on fucking me after my insides are drenched with your cum, I will be delirious from the pain, but you won't care because your dick has gone wild with the rapture it has found in the ravaged membranes of my ass.

Did I mention that I want you to fuck me? Did I make clear that it's okay that your huge bludgeon is going to make my tender bottom hurt like hell from the furious savagery of your brutal thrusting? Whatever you do, don't hold back. Let that big masculine battering ram loose inside me to steal every thrill it can find from my submissive, feminine glory hole. Leave me in a whimpering heap of cum-soaked maidenly flesh, thrashing and trembling in a puddle of the sticky virile secretions from your manly balls, now dripping from my ravaged, gaping sphincter. Laugh as you watch me sob like the helpless, anal slut that your proud, rampaging dick has turned me into.

Sound like a plan?

GlialSewerEuler 70M
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6/20/2006 8:49 am

Did I miss something, or didn't the caption say pencil dick? what gives, maybe she posted on the wrong site?

horneycheeks 64M

6/20/2006 11:50 pm

Sorry if my original post did not make clear that this was a response to a message I received. The "she" getting fucked in this description is yours truly.


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