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3/26/2006 11:15 pm

Well, I've been here an entire month now. As usual I charged in head first, confident I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. OUCH, I couldn't have more wrong! Being a "newbie" (just one of the many terms I've since learned),most definitely has its' pitfalls and embarrassments!
From being lured to other "pay" sites just to see nude photos, to being branded a cheater for being a married man on this site, I must say I have since learned a few lessons not soon to be forgotten!
So, needless to say, I no longer respond to replies containing private e-mails. The management here at AdultFriendFinder has now deleted four profiles that made contact with me and will probably make it five as soon as I finish here.
As for the accusation that I'm a cheater, simply stating the fact that my better half was fully aware of my actions didn't seem to address the issue. Therefore, let it be known to all concerned, I have completely revised the profile to include her as well.
For those who have taken interest, the new handle is HORIZANSEEKERS. We are currently awaiting our confirm ID, as being called a cheater is one thing, being called a liar is another.
And for all you young ladies out there looking to make a buck or two off this naive "newbie",
BEWARE!!, I am no longer either!
Yes, I am aware the handle is misspelled,even though spelling is one of my pet peeves!
On that subject, just let me say this. Whether
you have a masters' degree, or barely made it through elementary school, a spell check is provided at the end of every post! Take the time to use it!
OK, I feel much better now! Please accept
my sincere thanks for enduring my ramblings!

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