happy new year.  

horatio1815 47M/37F
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12/30/2005 12:38 pm

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3/14/2006 10:07 pm

happy new year.

to all bloggiest of peoples, have the happiest new year. i shall be in my local club wearing my suspenders and a bra and nuthin else! i shall drink lots, dance lots, and enjoy this colourful time before mundanity sets in for the rest of 06. have a good one peeps

CsunCsi69 69F

2/9/2006 2:18 pm

SEXY ideas regarding how to dress in your local club! I am very impressed with your boldness! You must be a very popular young lady indeed!

I've lived life to the full in so many ways and consider my life to have blessed.

horatio1815 47M/37F

2/9/2006 4:03 pm

lol. popular with ladies, not so much with men as i take no crap. thanx for the commentxx

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