hopefull20069 48M
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9/4/2006 11:36 am

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10/30/2006 12:54 am


i have achived all and much more than i thought possable since joining the groups.
ive met some fantastic people on my journy, and wouldent change that for the have all helped to change my life and for that i owe you so much.
ive done things that i never thought id do, so i have to thank you for that too.
my life will never be the same again because because of the one thing that you have all brought to me , FRIENDSHIP..
some of you i text, some chat on line,some ive had meets with, and some are just there to say hi to..
but all of you are in my heart and i will be happy to call friends for many years to come...
thank you ....hopefull...xx.....

mr_mrs_bear1701 41M/53F

9/4/2006 9:38 pm

We are proud to call you 'friend' too Hopeful - long may your happiness continue!
PS (Flossy sends her love LMA
Jo and Jim Bear

bbwwithbigass 51F

9/11/2006 2:11 am

Aww darling youre a great and lovely friend too weve met , spoke on fone and youre what i call a friend xxx

Theres some peaple on here who i just pass the time of day with and then theres some who i dearly call my friends and feel i could open up to and tell things i wouldnt normally tell and iam pleased to say youre one of them sweetheart xxx love ya loads xx kaz - bbw

sexygreeneyesxx2 47F

9/12/2006 3:15 pm

All the other comments say it all really... I rang you one sunday afternoon and you came over and took me to the hospital, sat with me for 3 hours while they x-rayed my poor broken toes then made me tea afterwards. What can I say.. your one in a million and I know we haven't spoken much lately but just wanted you to know your a true friend and a very special guy x

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