the joys of cyber world  

honeypotza 49F
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4/3/2006 2:39 pm

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4/16/2006 2:21 am

the joys of cyber world

Guess what... i got something positive to say for a yep even tho i had a real shitty day at work my nite is ending on a good note.... had some really good conversations tonite with 2 really incredible men... such gentlemen... its great when u can communicate with ppl without all the sordid raw pick up lines most guys throw at u.... like what u wearing ... have u got a bra on (shit my tits don't need a bra!)... or are u wearing any panties...( i mean come on guys most woman wear panties some of us just prefer g-strings that leave nothing to the imagination)..... these gentlemen really got me all hot and bothered and it was just good old fashioned flirt with a lot of spice thrown in ..... mmmmm well boys ur definitely on my list of must do's..... now down boy..... I'm only suggesting coffee for now.... then see what follows hey... but thanks for ur wholesomeness .... i really appreciate that in guys... the awful crude brash fellows are just not my cup of tea..... actually they make me quite nauseous.... and to my other gentlemen that i haven't had time to speak to lately.... ur also there at the top of the list.... some higher than the others but definitely up there.

I must say that this site has really changed my views of most guys online..... especially the local guys.... nice going guys as to the overseas guys catch a wake up boys... woman are more than just a slab of meat to be cured and processed!!! Makes me wonder why ur straying so far from homeland... could it be that ur own woman don't have time for u?.... just a generalisation opinion! dont all beat me up now

rm_Gravalot 54M

4/13/2006 9:50 am

YEs Please Honeypotza, I like it! Bully for you

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