SUBMISIVE - joy or agony?  

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4/15/2006 12:07 pm

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SUBMISIVE - joy or agony?

As a single divorced female i find that i don't like to be dominated in any way what so ever... i like to feel that i have control of every aspect of my life so meeting a guy that is very assertive was pretty new for me. Didn't know at the begining what i had got myself into..... lol... but hey after just relaxing and going with the flow it turned out pretty good.... awesome actually.

But knowing my own nature it makes me wonder if i would do it again...... i feel cheated in a way cause i feel like i didn't get to do what i wanted...... or more exactly didn't get to give what i wanted..... and boy i really like to give...... and give and give..... so i feel that in a way we were both cheated out of allot.

But every experience is worth while cause one actually learns allot about ourself from them making it easier to reach that state of total self satisfaction that most people try to achieve.

honeypotza 49F

4/16/2006 2:28 am

well shayeDK thanks for the comment i appriciate it and like you i have also tried things that really do not appeal to my hetro side but hey somtimes i wonder maybe it was not the right time place or person hey... who knows maybe one day i shall seek answers to that observation

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