A bus ride  

honeypotza 49F
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7/8/2006 3:48 pm

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10/2/2006 3:32 am

A bus ride

how many of us still catch the bus......

One late afternoon on my way home from work I had stopped in at the super market to get a few things for dinner... well those few things were a few packet full so with hands full of groceries I was lucky enough to catch the bus as it came by...... hauling myself and my packets into the bus I found to my horror no empty seats and I ended up standing in the isle at the back... after a few stops the bus was packed.... and here I was standing hanging on for dear life with one hand and the other juggling the bags around till they fitted comfortably against my breast.... pressed hard into them by the press of passengers in front of me.... god it was even hard to breath I was so squashed..... staring at the ceiling I let my mind drift into nothingness... hoping to distract myself away from this unpleasantness... cursing the fact that I had decide to wear my short sexy black mini skirt and pumps..... I could feel a slight breeze blowing up from the bus floor... between my splayed legs ( planted firmly apart for balance in the jolting rolling bus) the tiny excuse for a g-string covered very little under my skirt..... and I could feel the soft caress against my pussy lips..... suddenly caught unawares I stumbled forward as the bus came to the next stop managing to catch my footing I felt a different kind of feathery caress up my leg..... startled I gasped and froze... could it be my imagination...... no... I felt it again... this time moving higher up my thigh... inches away from my womanhood..... a sudden rush of tingles slipped down from my stomach.... a soft clenching of pussy muscles and a spurt of moisture wet my so called panties..... I could feel the air cooling it.... god I hoped nobody could smell how horny I was getting.... that dank musky turned on woman smell... that drifts around on the heat given off.....the slight pressure of warm fingers trailing circles on my inner thighs made my head swim.... trying to steady my thoughts I took a few quick breathes... looking around as best as possible I tried to see who the uninvited visitor could be..... all the faces I could see where blank.... all in their own worlds... their own problems..... I tried to wriggle forward..... the slight movement forward just opened my legs wider.... bad move..... or not.... softly as a butterfly’s wings I felt a single fingertip brush against my pussy through the silk of my panties.... if not for the crush of ppl I would have sunk to the floor out of pure torturous exquisite pleasure...... the flood gate opened and I could feel the wet musky pussy juice squeeze itself between the tight petals protecting the entrance of my inner sanctuary.... my mind started silent begging.... and as if the pleas had been heard another gentle caress appeared....and when the fingertip slipped through the moisture beads it became firmer... as if accepting the moist invitation.... I felt it slip softly under the elastic band probing against the wet hot petals...all the air in my lungs felt heavy..... engorged like my pussy lips..... letting out my breath I felt the quiver of pussy muscles....the slick slide of a finger past the guardians of my inner sanctuary pushed me nearer to the edge..... the quiver became unbearable.....I rocked back slightly and this movement plunged the fingertip deep inside the warm wet velvet tunnel of my pussy..... the sudden spasmic contractions radiated up from deep inside the velvet tunnel... squirting juice down and over the warm welcome intruder.... biting my lips to smother the moan of pleasure dying to escape them I tried to mask the look of passion and pleasure on my face.....but knowing that if inspected closely the pink flush of utter ecstasy was visible for all to see.... and as the hard spasms died down... I felt the warm wet fingertip slip slowly out....... and away... the empty feeling left behind made me want to cry out and beg for more..... as sanity returned to this insane world... social morality returned..... feeling very exposed and vulnerable... my cheeks now red from embarrassment I glanced around and realised that nobody had noticed my utter wanton act.... as it had all happened within minutes..... the next stop was just ahead..... and passengers alighted leaving room now for movement.... my legs trembled.... my chest heaved....... I shuffled forward and turned around to see who my exquisite torturer was... getting ready to send a sexy wanton smile to my hero.... I decided that knowing and maybe being disappointed would spoil the wonderous moment in time..... so sighing in resignation I moved forward to the front of the bus as I could see my stop coming up...... as I stood there at the bus stop looking at the bus move off... I swear I saw a figure looking back out at me....... a naughty sexy smile.... and a devilish twinkle in blue eye.......

VelvetyHotMocha 42F

7/8/2006 4:31 pm

Girl that's hot. You are a poet. You need to add a few chapters.

InnerHeat69 54F

7/9/2006 12:23 pm

Honey Child ....

Could not have said it better hun .... tell me what bus route was that on - got to get me some of that action lol

mmmmm going to give up my seat in future - it just may pay off hee hee

chow til later

enslin 65M
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7/14/2006 12:25 pm

Honey, was this specially for me? Instead of the airplane trip that I asked for? Well, it is enough to turn me on just to imagine the pleasure you had doing it.

Talk soon.


rm_wowitsfun 58M

7/17/2006 6:32 pm

honey ... mmmmmmmm ....

raj2k2003 47M
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7/19/2006 3:10 am

another great one in the series

keep em flowing honey

jhb0825932126 48M
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7/31/2006 11:31 am

Here's a fantasy I put together a couple of nights ago..
It's usually at night..or first thing in the morning ...I slip my cock out of my pajama shorts and hold it softly and start to stroke it slowly moving the foreskin slowly back and forth over the shiny red cock-head.My cock starts growing as I imagine wanking in front of a woman who in turn is playing with her wet hot pussy,her fingers glistening with her juices.My cock grows harder and the head tickles slightly as I stroke a little harder ,still imagining the woman playing with her cunt right in front of me.She's even wetter now and she starts to slide a finger hard over her clit and into her wet snatch.I start to gripping my cock harder and stroke it faster and she gets more turned on at each stroke as I pump my cock harder with my hand..Then I rub the flesh underneath my balls with the other hand and at the same time stroke even faster my hand gripping my cock even harder..(Fuck Im hard right now from typing this for you,and imagining what you're thinking??)..And as I near my crescendo I feel my cock twitch and I aim it at her and suddenly my hot cum shoots out towards her in fierce white spurts at her and as the first one hits her she starts to cum and I watch her watching me and see her tummy muscles trembling as wave after wave of orgasm sends her whole body into short spasms. We both drop down on the floor and lay for a few minutes getting ready for the next exciting step....

rm_moonboy23 37M
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9/30/2006 4:06 am

ohhh ....
You are very adventurous
I am sure very body will agree with me

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