When Irish eyes are smiling.  

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When Irish eyes are smiling.

Thrill me baby thrill me, like nobody else can do. Thrill me baby thrill me, like nobody else can do. Everytime you touch me it feels like a bolt from out of the blue.

One night a friend named Robin suggested we go out with some girls that he had met through our mutual friend Ed. We drove over to Suzy's house to pickup her and Barbara for a night of partying.
I had never met either of these girls, but the moment I layed eyes on Barbara she was my type. Short with rounded features and almond shaped eyes and short curly hair. Now if you could see her you would think there is something wrong with me, but as I have stated before there is no accounting for taste. So I am all hot for Barbara and what do you think happens? Thats right, through some twist of the fates I spend the night in Susan's arms. Well a relationship soon followed and I should have been happy.
Susan was the type of girl who had a strong sex drive and really loved what I served her up. The first time we made love she complained about me being to large for her, but then again she also asked when we could get together again so go figure. To look at her she was extra cute with an Irish girl look, and a small temper to match. When we made love she would get an absolutely wild look in her eyes that made sex exciting. All this didn't carry much weight with me and the relationship soon faded out.
Because the relationship faded out rather than blowing up, we remained friends, and many times I would consider starting something again. (especially when she invited me over to watch XXX video with her) I never felt right about my not being in love with her and nothing more happened.
The bad part of all this was that she never really did anything wrong other than be less attractive than her friend. As a matter of fact she did a lot of things right and was an all around good girl. We stayed in touch for many years, until one day another girl friend found my black book and erased every female name in it.
I know that Susan really loved me and I have always felt bad that I couldn't feel the same way in return. I did learn not to settle for first place when second is what you want. I never saw Barbara again but to my eyes she was that good. You would think different but there is no accounting for taste.

You have ways that are sweet and your lips they taste just like honey dew. Everytime you touch me it feels like a bolt from out of the blue.
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