Tricky Ricky and the car jackin jerk  

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Tricky Ricky and the car jackin jerk

My friend ricky was about 3 things. Catching that stupid elliptical spheroid. Menacing all the creatures both fowl and hoved with his obnoxious arsenal. Lastly of course he loved womanizing, being a Cuban that part came naturally.
Ricky was kinda funny, when he was going out on a date he would spend hours in front of the mirror making everything perfect. The cologne and everything, I kinda wonder if all the grooming stuff was endemic to Latinos or it was a personal ideosyncracy.
One time Ricky and I had traveled to the foothills between Clearlake and Berryessa. We traveled up a winding dirt road to the crest of a tall ridgeline. There was a pond at the top that measured about 100 yards across and would attract seasonal waterfowl, but we were there for hare. Well actually he was there for rabbit, I was just there to plink around on my .22. Well Ricky was about to pull a prank on me.
That night while we were enjoying some unfortunate cottontail when he pointed out a set of red eyes across the pond peering at us menacingly. No problem, I would just scare it off with a shot. I fired and it didn't flinch it just glared fiercely. OK wise guy this one your gonna eat. Well Ricky taunted and baited me just right, about 30 rounds later I gave up only to find at dawn he had planted a reflective target across the pond and I hadn't missed the thing was full of holes.
One day some punk in my neighborhood smeared his girlfriends Mustang into the back of my pickup. How do I know he is a punk? He put his girlfriend up to take the blame for the accident he created with her car, now thats a punk. It's at times like this I wish I opened up my blog for comment, but then again I thought no. Well Ricky caught him inspecting my truck and didn't know why he was all interested in my truck so he confronted him and his friends. It came to words only because there were two groups of hot heads. The punk couldn't do anything to my vehicle it was a rolling wreck.
well the police got involved and because Ricky was alone they fabricated a story against him. Then when he was in jail they stole his van and used it on a crime spree. Turns out the punks really were criminals. When Ricky got out and found his van hotwired and it was full of stolen goods, tools, bicycles, computers, VCR's the whole 9 yards.
We lay in wait to catch tem when they returned to fetch their I'll gotten gain. Well we saw who he was, it was the girl who owned the Mustangs brother. We called the police in but they didn't give a shit. It wasn't much longer though that the whole lot of them slowly disappeared from the scene due to untimely entanglements.(visiting is on Wednesdays and Sundays)

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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