The Wealth of Nations  

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The Wealth of Nations

A popular economic premise that finds support with the monied elite goes like this. If the people realized they have the democratic power to seize wealth and spend it on self gratification the wealth of a nation would be spent within a generation. What is there to stop a debaucherous money spending spree by the people. IBM, Microsoft, Ford, General Electric have no votes in the popular election. We could just tax the hell out them and live high on the hog. If business does not have capital to expand the economy stays stagnant and there are no new jobs or products.
Intro the Republican party, for all their talk about moral issues what they really are is the political arm of the monied powers. They control the House, Senate, Executive branch and appointed a vast majority of the Judiciary yet for all their talk about fighting abortion they take no credible action. The reason they fail to act is they do not want to lose their hedge issue.
There is all this talk of how reducing taxes will cause business to expand and the economy to grow. Just the opposite is true. When taxes are high, businesses escape these taxes by reinvesting in capital expenses. When taxes are low business will take their profits as personal income and pay the more modest tax rate instead of reinvesting.
The whole concept of conservativism is contrary to the new enlightened state of man. Since the day of Jesus crucifixion there has been a slow and steady restoration of truth to Gods children. One look at history tells us this is so. Not so long ago we had a separate but equal doctrine that today is morally repunant, before that we lived under the rule of a hereditary crown. It goes on and on, if we had remained conservative we would still be living under a crown or tiara and ruled with a whip. Our enlightened society is the product of Gods truth being revealed in the hearts and minds of men. Conservatism is the denial of that revelation.
I'm just warming up. As much as I think that Repulican rhetoric is a bunch of subterfuge that I resent deeply. In a perfect world we would vote both liberal and conservative based upon the real merits of real issues. Consider the British and their House of Lords. Their government which arose in a less revolutionary manner than our own allowed monied powers to retain a partnership in government instead of gaining control through subterfuge and deception. I find their debates to be more open and refreshing than the political dialog in my own country, yet far from perfect.
I'll give you a real issue, how is our government spending their 1 trillion dollar budget. When was the last time we really heard a debate about this in anything but the most abstract of terms. "I'm strong on defense", "My opponent is a tax and spend liberal", like what are you gonna do if you get in power? Give us a refund, and then I woke up.
I got more to say but I don't want to be a blog hog so stay tuned.

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