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The Sanctum Sanctorum

Growing up in my back yard was a small garden cottage that was originally built to be a tack room for saddle storage. That little cottage that we brought in with an oversized forklift ended up being a temporary home for half a dozen people. Sarting with yours truly, you see the man that built it and delivered it to us was my dads friend. Not to long afterwards he suffered a heart attack and needed close care.
That was my cue to give up my bedroom and move out into the cottage. When you are 13 years old having your own cottage is kinda fun and there were no shortage of late night parties. Over the years many people lived in that little cottage. Mostly women escaping bad relationships but others as well.
My friend Mark who I met in high school one day shared a passion for music and we hit it off right away. Mark had the misfortune to have a biker for a step dad and a mom who liked bikers. Nowadays most bikers are just executives that imagine they are bikers, but this crowd they were real bikers and would just as soon piss on you as talk to you. To make a long story short Mark applied for emancipation and became the next tenant till graduation.
many other people came and lived with us, I can remember my moms friend Betty, and Dads old cattle ropin buddy, Buck Eddy. Poor Buck was a hopeless alcoholic but rich in showmanship. having made his career as a trick rider, and having a mother that was one of the Rocketts may have had some influence. Many more have lived in that tiny cottage but the person I wanted to introduce is Mark who I will cover further in "Johnny on a Secret Mission", tomorrow.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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