The Bhudda Bopper and the whole nine yards.  

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The Bhudda Bopper and the whole nine yards.

We'll be back with more Honest Johnny and his zany antics but first a word from our sponsor. Growing up as a boy my memories of my GrandFather always bring back the scent of pipe tobacco. Grand Dad loved to smoke a pipe and fish. He would call me his Bhudda Bopper and the nick name caught on with my parents who called me booter bopper. (Grand Dad slurred his words)
Now as I grew older I hated that nick name, and it slowly faded from use. Low and behold I am reading a historical account of the pacific war and it turns out that the GI's that fought Japanese were called Bhudda Boppers. I am no longer ashamed to carry that moniker.
I once traveled back to Memphis, Texas to visit my family home town. (moms side) In the town sits a memorial to John Keith Wells a native son who fought at Iwo Jima against Lieutenant General Tadamishi Kuribayashi. He picked up plenty of medals and is honored greatly in this small midwest town. When looking through my late Grand Mothers effects we found a letter and signed book from John, he had made a chronicle of the 6 week campaign.
The pilots of the fighters that supported our boys on the ground carried a 9 yard belt of ammunition for each gun. When returning to base they would report that they gave the enemy the whole nine yards. For a lot of years I thought it was a football term but I stand corrected. Being cognizant of what a real war is against a real enemy. I find our tin plated dictators attempt to peddle his tempest is a tea pot as a war on terror to be laughable. In the mean time the Sudan is a breeding ground for real terrorist, Iran has nuclear ambition and the house of Saud are all a bunch of ass clowns. The only thing his war on terror has in common with a real war is mothers lose their children.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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