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Talk to the butt

I'm big Johnny's cat Bunford and I'm mean and rough and tough and take no gruff when I strut my stuff. I'm an ornery cuss, and I'm so full of piss if I don't like your looks I'll hit you with this. %$^&*@ %+@$#% many a cat wouldn't, many a cat couldn't take a lickin to a chicken or a raisin to a rat after messing with big Johnny's cat.
Taken with liberties from G. Shelton

My previous cat was named Kittamer and he was consumed by lymphoma. I loved my cat and when it came time to put him away it was one of the most painful things I have ever done. I cried for days and still cry to this day, I poured a lot of love into my kitty.
Further study has revealed a causal correlation between many forms of human lymphoma and the Epstein Barr virus ie chronic fatigue syndrome. Now at once CFS is a big nothing disease and most people don't even know they are infected other than once upon a time they got a rash or a fever and thats about it.
This latent virus causes a genetic translocation that is a prime factor in the later formation of lymphoma. The more we learn about retro viral disease and the way that it imprints itself on your DNA the more we learn that supposedly minor diseases are precursors to worse later in life. Now there is other factors involved and I don't want to fill everyone with inordinant fear but as for me I expose myself to danger for love only, but for fun it isn't worth the price. I have been very lucky from the days of my youth and now with the grace of wisdom I hope to keep my lucky streak running one more last time.
This is a dirty subject and it's kinda mean to bring it up around a bunch of swingers, but we should be loving 1# another not lusting ourselves to death.

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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