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5/4/2006 2:29 pm

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Hi I'm Worthless the brown eyed doggie. (AKA Liberty) I'm big Johnnys bitch. Don't let the expression I have on my face fool you. My Johnny is a cruel mean master, he bathes me constantly and puts that stinky stuff on me so I smell like a French whore house. I need someone with horses so I can run around and roll in those beautiful smelling horse pens. he sings to me too and I have my own theme song, sung to the tune of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"
If you dare to come around here with that este lauder crap I'm gonna bite you. I want my Johnny to have a woman who knows how to get dirty, just like me. What ever you do don't let him give you orders. As soon as you follow one order he expects it all the time. Just do like I do and act all dumb and cute and you can get away with anything.

Worthless, get away from the computer, what are you writing here. Forget everything Worthless said. You can wear dresses, stockings and pumps. I don't mind if you spend hours in the bathroom teasing your hair and making me beg for you to come out. Worthless no steak and lobster for you tonight. Big Johnny

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

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