Rode hard and put away wet  

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5/18/2006 2:29 pm

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Rode hard and put away wet

Behind the city of Oakland is a valley that is undeveloped. It extends from Castro Valley to Moraga, and contains the San Leandro reservoir. This valley was our playground, and on New Years day, we have it to ourselves. We unloaded the horses just a little short of the Willow Park golf course. It is a perfectly miserable day to go riding, but what momma wants momma gets.
Midway through the valley up on a ridge is the Oakland equestrian center on Skyline Blvd. That was our goal, from there we could visit our old friend George White the proprietor of the stables. The drizzle was steady and would bead up on my hat and drip down off the brim straight between my eyes.
After an hour or so we pull off of the trail to take a break. With the horses all around, their breath heavy with steam, we pulled into a eucalyptus grove. Unlike the usual eucalyptus trees, this was a variety that had silver dollar shaped leaves and a lighter silvery green coloring. They had a slightly bluish tint as did the spruce trees that lay just beyond. We built a small fire and there in that grove we brewed ourselves some java in an quart can. As the mist drifted around us the world took on a fairy tale like feeling, where anything could loom out of the fog.
To this day I can remember drinking instant coffee in that grove. I was only a young boy of about 9 but 30 years later I still recognize that place. Having a giant microwave tower on the ridge directly above us helped in that matter. How can it be that this miserable day of riding on New Years day in the rain is one of my most pleasant memories.
Some time after that I fell in love with motorcycles and that was it for horses. Either that or I fell out of love with shoveling horse shit. What did you expect for a one hundredth blog, a list? Tomorrow "Johnny and the Wall"

I Swami Johnny see's all, knows all, tells very little.

CrashnBern 59F

5/19/2006 8:35 am

My partner in Crime is a woman from England who is now a us citizen..I met her in Wyoming and she taught me to ride. I was 32 and had no fear. Thank god! we had beer in the saddlebags and maybe some jerky..but always the beer! I still don't like warm beer but if you drink it fast its ok..and you get a buzz if your hungry...
Well I was bar tending and we had to have a New years day ride.. Michelle made her homemade eggnog( lots of alcohol) and we put them in empty jack daniels bottles and stuck 'em in our saddle bags and off we went.. it started to snow but thats no big deal..not in this part of the world anyway... 5 hrs later we are drunk the horses are tired and we still have to load 'em and drive back to the ranch. thank god for more eggnog in that truck cab!! lots of fond memories,empty bottles and deer horn....

reminds me...I better give her a call..

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